Legal Industry Demands Skilled and Relevant Lawyers in Automated World

by April 15, 2019

AI in Legal Industry

As Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, and Robotics are continuously impacting different industries, it is becoming quintessential for professionals to adapt to such space and embrace newness to future proof their career in their respective industries.

Even the legal profession is not lagging back. The new technologies tend to affect the legal industry as well. A study by Deloitte reveals that around 100K legal roles would be automated by the year 2036. Additionally, a recent Forbes article outlined the firms that are already availing the offers of cost-effective technology solutions which is making legal professionals’ lives easier.

The AI-powered tools make legal contract reviews much easier and rapid with less human errors, while US legal firms are using the technology to offer couples with online self-guided divorce.

The automation technology has given the professionals a free hand to maintaining repetitive tasks like drafting and checking documents, which enables them to focus more on strategic planning of client activities.

As the pace of the advanced world is increasing the legal industry requires professionals who are more than just a lawyer having the following skills:

•  Critical thinking

•  Business development

•  Sales and marketing

•  Influencing skills

•  Business acumen

•  Emotional intelligence

•  Project management

•  Problem-solving capabilities

A well-versed legal professional does not always mean one has all the required skills for a futuristic approach for their client service. These days’ clients want an extra edge to their cases rather than lawyers just citing and interpreting legislation or drafted contract. Especially in the corporate sector, clients need lawyers who have a better understanding of changing business environment, challenges and risks and can guide them towards better decision-making procedure.

In times like these, a lawyer with knowledge of agility, leadership, negotiation, teamwork, collaboration, and business skills can easily make his/her place in the high geared revolutionary world. It is high time to recognize the skill gap and bridge it. A decade from now on professionals will feel pleased that they stepped out of their comfort zone and developed some futuristic skills.

Coming ahead of their comfort zone the first thing they need to do is taking a leap from lawyer to a leader.

In the US, the Harvard and Georgetown University now offers important training in business skills highlighting its value and lifelong learners’ journey.

It is extremely vital for professionals not to stay confined to one title and doing mundane repetitive work. In fact, what they should do is learn, grasp and turn back to universities and join the association to go through new skills to attain widened business perspective.

As a legal professional, one should always plan next move and train themselves to get success and be future ready.