Why the Launch of Apple’s Self-driving cars is Delayed?

Why the Launch of Apple’s Self-driving cars is Delayed?

A year is yet to be finalised for the launch of Apple's self-driving cars with an AI operating system.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new reason for massive success in the automobile industry. With the advent of the AI operating system, the industry is creating more innovative smart devices and programmes on a regular basis. Apple was motivated to invest in the autonomous driving system and launch it as Apple's self-driving cars. Project Titan was formed in 2014 and still searching for loopholes for seven years before the ultimate launch.

The unique feature of Apple's self-driving cars is the power to an expensive investment on autonomous driving machine. The reason for delaying the launch date is that the company has to develop private software, sensor hardware as well as chip technologies which are time consuming to build. Before the launch, the smart car has to be driven to common areas like beaches, markets also traffic to test the driving condition of the Artificial Intelligence operative system. Apple is yet to decide which company will be a third-party car partner. Any passenger can enter a specific destination and successfully complete the journey without any driver.

Hyundai has confirmed that the company is still negotiating with Apple on launching the Apple's self-driving cars by 2024. Apple is known to manufacture products with the help of other companies for hi-tech investments. Though Hyundai is in conversation stage, there are other companies in line.

Brief Introduction to Project Titan

Apple started Project Titan in 2014, leading to various controversies regarding its secret lab operation with 1,000 employees. The final effect of all controversies resulted to pause of the project and massive lay off of employees. In 2016, Apple revived the project from just an electric vehicle to autonomous driving system through deep learning neural network.

What is deep learning neural network?

Deep machine learning is a subpart of AI-based system technique which teaches computers the behaviour and knowledge of humans with algorithms. It is the main methodology of smart cars to recognize road signs, drive without human assistance, sensor feeling through cameras and voice recognition. Apple is investing on deep learning neural network to build its own self-driving cars for good reasons in the market. Neural network is a type of AI deep machine learning algorithm which adapts the human characteristics and pattern for efficient development flow.

Apple's self-driving cars will use deep learning neural network to execute several tasks ordered from external environment such as diverse pictures, texts and sounds. It is expected to exceed human professionals with the use of large-scale real-time data and analysis by different levels of neural network through deep machine learning.

The main issue is other competitors of Apple like Tesla are focusing on level-3 Artificial Intelligence operating system with a driver's seat including a steering wheel. Tesla launched self-driving cars with a condition that if there is a fault in deep learning neural network, a backseat passenger can take swift control on the steering wheel. Apple wants to target a higher level in the autonomous driving system. Apple's self-driving car should consist of level-5 without any driver's seat and steering wheel. This level is not stable yet so the prototype could be launched in 2024.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, mentioned that the autonomous system will be used in other applications besides self-driving cars. There are already various teams working on different applications and software for the smart cars— vehicle dynamics, drive dynamics, safety precautions, batteries, interior, sensors, cameras as well as wheels.

All the loyal users are waiting for a long time to take a look at Apple's self-driving cars by 2024. If the launch is successful, Apple will experience a drastic shift to the automobile industry to serve a better market.

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