Want a Robotics Career? Choose the Right Degree

Want a Robotics Career? Choose the Right Degree

23Do you dream of a career in robotics engineering? If so, it's essential to begin preparing as early as possible, preferably while still in high school. However, if you're a working adult who has not yet attended college, you're still in the chase because you can start a four-year degree with robotics at the forefront of your mind. The 2020s are turning out to be something of a golden age for anyone with skills in the field. Salaries are high, companies are having a hard time finding qualified candidates, and the future looks very bright all around.

If you want your life's work to focus on designing, testing, or building robots, then now is the time to get busy putting the pieces of your career puzzle in place. Robotics engineers do many things, some of which include reviewing various calculations, debugging computer programs, calibrating bots, reviewing machine designs, and performing a wide range of robotic testing services. If you're ready to get started, obtaining a suitable education is the first step.

Get the Right Education

If you're still in high school, take as many advanced mathematics courses as possible. This will save you from having to learn things like calculus from scratch after college begins. If you are a working person getting ready to attend college for the first time, consider taking learning the basics of calculus via a few online tutorials. For robotics engineers who work in the field or in research, having a four-year degree, particularly in either electrical or mechanical engineering, is the crucial first step on the path to a career.

Finance Your Degree

College is neither cheap nor free. Getting an engineering degree typically takes four years and means plenty of studying, testing, and lab projects. The first question, however, is how to pay for all of it. For those who wish to focus on school work and deal with the money question as soon as possible, the wise path is to take out an education loan from a private lender. It's the most efficient way to pay for your next level of education, after high school, toward a rewarding career. Not only do private institutions offer competitive rates, but you'll have the chance to shop around and compare terms. That way, you can use the loan proceeds to cover all the associated expenses and spend your time studying for a diploma.

Get an Internship Position

While you're still in school or shortly after, network with guidance counselors and anyone else who can help you find an internship in the industry. Even if you have to work an unrelated nine-to-five job for a few months while earning nothing as an intern, the experience will open many doors and give you those first real-world, on-the-job skills. The majority of degree candidates are able to find internships during the summer between junior and senior years.

Get a Job in the Industry

Hire a resume writer, practice interview skills, and begin applying for entry-level jobs in the robotics field. Remember that robotics positions can also be found within companies that specialize in other areas of tech. For example, some of the tops AI research firms and jobs likely also have departments with openings in your specific area of interest so do not be deterred by a company's supposed main focus. When you do land a position, devote yourself to it entirely. Managers tend to watch new hires closely and promote from within. Diligence and hard work during the first year on the job will pay huge dividends.

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