Twitter Removes Blue Tick from PM Narendra Modi’s Account

Twitter Removes Blue Tick from PM Narendra Modi’s Account

Elon Musk's Twitter again came into controversies for removing a blue tick from PM's account

Ever since Elon Musk has become the owner of Twitter, the social media giant is always in a thick of controversy. Elon Musk has made many changes in the company. Recently he was hitting the headlines by releasing the Blue Subscription feature with just US$8. Apart from this, the tick that appears in front of the names of the people is also given in three colors.

Recently in another change, Twitter removes a blue tick from PM's account. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah's accounts are now no longer having the sign of authentication means a blue tick on their account. Instead of blue in front of the names of these two veteran leaders, grey ticks have started appearing. After becoming the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk came up with many changes to it. Under this change, the blue tick has been removed from PM Modi's account and a grey tick was given. The company recently said in a statement, "We will begin the transition with an official gold label for businesses and a grey checkmark for government and multilateral accounts later in the week."

More to this, Twitter announced its new 'Blue for Business service. Twitter's Blue for Business is a new way for businesses and their partners to verify and differentiate themselves on the micro-blogging platform. Twitter said in its business blog post that as a Blue for the Business subscriber, a company can link its affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands to its account. When they do, the respective profile will receive a small badge with their parent company's profile picture next to their blue or gold checkmark. This connection will help businesses to network within their own organizations on the micro-blogging platform.

Based on the list provided by the parent company, each affiliate will be verified and officially linked to their parent handle. This is an incredible moment for businesses to incorporate the individuals, businesses, and brands they associate with into Twitter's DNA. The company revealed, "In the future, we plan to help businesses and their partners do more with Twitter. The micro-blogging platform is piloting Blue for Business with a select group of businesses for now, but next year it will release it to more businesses that want to subscribe."

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