Top Tech Roles in Hyderabad in 2024 that You Shouldn’t Miss

Top Tech Roles in Hyderabad in 2024 that You Shouldn’t Miss

Unlocking Insights: Top Tech Roles in Hyderabad in 2024


Are you passionate about building a career in tech industry? Are you looking for opportunities and top tech roles in 2024 in a High-Tech city like Hyderabad? Then this article is for you. Dive deep into it and explore careers in top tech roles in Hyderabad in 2024.

Why Tech Jobs in 2024?

A career in the technical sectoris the fastest-growing than any other. Tech is known for being the fastest-changing industry, which honors creativity and innovations that value the culture and offers open-handed salaries, decent benefits, and a wide range of opportunities for advancement and – professional and personal – growth. 

Thus, if you belong to the technical stream and are looking at moving to a new tech role in 2024, find out these tech roles in demand, that are worth considering.

What are the advantages of starting your career in technical roles?

1. Handsome salary

The tech services industry implemented salary increases ranging from 10% to 15% for specified roles in 2024, highlighting a positive outlook for compensation in the sector.

2. Great perks

Out there, with many industries providing perks, tech jobs are highly offered. Even pre-COVID, tech jobs were known for their flexible opportunities in the name of work arrangements, such as remote or hybrid work models. Whether it's generous health benefits, paid time off, employee stock options, gym memberships, or endless snacks, tech has some of the best perks and benefits for its employees!

3. High Demand

 Since technology is booming and developing, the future is seen in high-tech role drives. The demand for tech talent has remained high before and during the pandemic and is expected to keep growing exponentially. From retail to education, to finance, to healthcare, and more, most sectors rely on tech to function. To make an innovative world, we will always need tech. 

4. Innovation

Innovation is the key to a  smartglobal. Technology is in the limelight of our ever-evolving world—and the possibilities. New, promising technologies roll out all the time. To implement the huge potential of tech to address some of global society's questions, taking them into a challenge and transforming the world with tech solutions, these are the frontier technologies worth upskilling in. 

Future of Tech role:

The future is about cybersecurity, AI expertise, cloud computing knowledge, and blockchain proficiency. Most of these technologies will rise in popularity in the upcoming time. Expertise in these areas will make you a leader in your role and a contributing hand in the future smart global. 

Top Tech roles in Hyderabad

1. Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity is seen as a rising industry with many opportunities for growth and development. This role involves Cybersecurity professionals taking responsibility for securing their company's information and data from hackers, viruses, or other cyber danger alerts. These professionals work in teams with other IT specialists, such as software developers or programmers.

2. DevOps Engineer: 

The Role of a DevOps Engineer involves Investigating and resolving technical issues, Providing level 2 technical support., Performing the core cause analysis while producing errors, Building tools to track and improve customer experience, and Developing software to integrate with internal back-end systems. 

3. Data Science:

Data science is in huge demand. The data scientist role combines subjects of several traditional and technical jobs, including mathematics, scientific brain, playing statistics in hand, and computer programming. This involves advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning and predictive modeling. 

4. Cloud developer:

This role needs to continue developing and deploying applications in cloud settings. Cloud developers work with cloud service providers and other technologies to build, test, and deploy software that meets organizational needs and requirements. 

5. Generative AI developer:

A generative AI developer role requires expertise in generative models, deep learning, and data analysis, which is critical in creating intelligent and transformative AI applications. You will work closely in designing, testing, and deploying AI projects that drive innovation and provide fast-paced growth in the field of artificial intelligence. This is in demand among the Top Tech Roles in Hyderabad now.

There are also many tech roles in the industry, such as IoT solutions Architect, Product Management, Data Analyst, Software Developer, Cloud Architect, Product Management, Machine Learning Engineer, Cloud Architect, Blockchain Engineer, and UX Designer, which play an essential part in the development of organizations and in building innovations that meet industry needs. You can google the top tech roles in Hyderabad in 2024 to land your dream tech job.


No doubt, Tech jobs are booming and taking as a road map to the innovations. There are many technical jobs in Hyderabad posted in Naukri, Linkedin, and other job portals. You can check and find the right job that involves your skills. They are revolving, and this needs skilled and talented employees to build new technologies that stand with new ideas of invention and innovations.

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