Top Tech News Today: US Space Force Halts AI tools Like ChatGPT Over Data Security Issues. Crypto Regulations Unknown to Most Hong Kong Retail Investors

Top Tech News Today: US Space Force Halts AI tools Like ChatGPT Over Data Security Issues. Crypto Regulations Unknown to Most Hong Kong Retail Investors

Due to concerns about data security, the U.S. Space Force suspends the use of ChatGPT

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What's New Today: Detroit automakers and union leaders at odds over 4,800 layoffs at non-striking factories

Fast-Track Insights: Crypto Regulations Unknown to Most Hong Kong Retail Investors

A memo obtained by Reuters indicates that the U.S. Space Force has suspended the use of web-based ChatGPT and other generative AI tools by its personnel because of worries about data security. The use of such AI technologies, particularly large-language models, on government computers is prohibited until they have received formal approval from the force's Chief Technology and Innovation Office, according to a message dated September 29 and sent to Guardians, the term the Space Force uses to refer to its staff.

The United Auto Workers' strikes, which have lasted for nearly four weeks, have affected several plants, yet none of Detroit's three automakers' companies have fired 4,800 workers. However, the corporations claim that they were compelled to implement these layoffs due to the strikes. They point out that the factories that produce parts for the assembly facilities that were shut down by strikes are where job cutbacks have mostly taken place. In one instance, layoffs have been ordered at a factory that uses supplies from a strike-affected parts factory.

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The Virtual Asset Trading Platform Regulatory Regime, a piece of legislation that entered into effect in June to safeguard the rights of retail investors in digital assets in the area, is only known by 47% of Hong Kong's retail cryptocurrency investors. According to a report released on October 11 by the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) of Hong Kong, this is the case. In their poll, the IFEC highlighted that only 3% of respondents in the aforementioned cohort in 2019 reported investing in cryptocurrency, however now approximately 25% of Hong Kong adults aged 18 to 29 have done so within the past year, which is three times the demographic average.

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