Top Tech News: ChatGPT Fails to Boost Bing’s Market Share

Top Tech News: ChatGPT Fails to Boost Bing’s Market Share

Despite the integration of advanced ChatGPT technology, the market share of Bing remains stable

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What's New Today: India Exim Bank Offers ₹ 29 Lakh for Compliance Officer Role

Fast-Track Insights: Bitcoin Interoperability with Conflux's EVM Solution

In February of last year, optimistic analysts hailed Microsoft Corp.'s announcement that it was integrating ChatGPT into its Bing search engine as a potential "iPhone moment" that would challenge Google's hegemony in the search industry. Then-CEO Satya Nadella declared, "The entire search category is now going through a sea change." "There are very few opportunities like that."

Applications for the position of Compliance Officer are being accepted by India Exim Bank from Associate Membership (ACS) of the ICSI, Postgraduate professionals, and graduates of LLB or MBA programs. The position is located in Mumbai and is invited on a contract basis. The contract will have a three-year initial term that the bank may choose to extend based on performance. Applying for the position is open to those who meet the requirements for education with at least 60% overall or an equivalent Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) upon graduation. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements can view further information on the ICSI's official website.

Robots can now learn, adapt, and make decisions on their own without the need for humans or pre-programmed instructions thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Robots that are AI-enabled are equipped with algorithms that enable them to analyze and understand data from their environment and take appropriate action. These algorithms might be thought of as analogous to the human brain, which interprets information from the senses, looks for patterns, and produces results. With the use of speech recognition and natural language processing, artificial intelligence (AI) can also allow robots to interact with people and other machines.  Read More

A solution aimed at making Bitcoin interoperability "EVM-compatible" is being developed by Layer 1 blockchain Conflux Network. The Conflux and Bitcoin networks will be able to exchange inscription-based tokens and Bitcoin thanks to this method. By the end of March, a testnet is anticipated to be live, and the main net is anticipated to start in May. Conflux is renowned for using a combination of proof-of-stake (PoS) and proof-of-work (PoW) techniques to establish network consensus. To interact directly with Bitcoin, the new solution will run on top of its main chain. According to the creators, it will enable Ethereum-based contracts and charge gas fees in Bitcoin.

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