Top Healthtech Startups to Peak your Curiosity in 2022

Top Healthtech Startups to Peak your Curiosity in 2022

Healthtech has transitioned from being a laggard to becoming the fastest-growing vertical in healthcare

The year 2020 and 2021 were setbacks for many seeking healthcare. In a period when a significant volume of resources was urgently diverted to battling COVID-19, those in need of care for other medical issues were severely affected. However, the isolation caused by the pandemic was all it took to realise the potential of pairing technology with healthcare. Now, healthtech and particularly healthtech startups are one of the largest growing verticals in the healthcare sector. "Healthcare at home" has become increasingly normal. Healthtech startups have revolutionised the way we approach healthcare. A time when it was difficult to imagine the application of artificial intelligence in the health sector, today it is a reality that we live in. Healthtech startups are surely treading their way forward.

AI and its role in medicine is a hot reality. Services that were once limited to a hospital or a medical practitioner's clinic can now be availed from the comfort of home. Such is the pervasiveness of AI in our lives. From offering consultations to giving therapy for terminal illnesses, today's healthtech startups can do most things (if not all). Below is a list of healthtech startups that will help you gauge the new and upcoming heights that global healthcare is set to achieve.

NAOMI for Mental Health

The conversation around mental health has been for a couple of years now. Internet access and social media awareness has been major kick-starter when it comes to dialogues around mental health. At a time when mental health, especially that of youth, is a serious talk, a Croatia-based startup, NAOMI has an equal hand in furthering the global dialogue. Going by the same name, the startup has created a mental wellness virtual assistant NAOMI. It is not just a personal mental wellness assistant. Neither it is just a meditation app. In the comfort of your anonymity, she offers customized mental health support for anxiety, stress, depression, or even anger. NAOMI offers various techniques to approach various mental health issues based on cognitive behavioural therapy, a technique widely used by clinical therapists.

AI Talos Revolutionises Breast Screening

AI Talos, a Canada-based startup, is on the way to revolutionising breast cancer detection and early screening. Providing users with smart decision support to find abnormalities during breast screenings. Incorporating machine learning and image procession, it provides high accuracy when analysing thermograms (imaging of infrared energy emitted by an object). There can never be 'too much breast cancer awareness. Users can upload thermogram reports after which the AI systems measures risk and offers classification based on risk levels. This opens up a chance at early detection for many women, allowing them to avail timely medical care. Talos Cloud is surely complementary to global campaigns around breast cancer awareness and early screening.

Zealth AI and Personalised Therapy for Cancer Patients

In the last decade, there has been a growing awareness of the need for normalising therapy for cancer patients. Considering the volume of patients, medical professionals may not be able to offer physical, mental, and emotional support to cancer patients during testing times. CareShare, Zealth AI's therapy platform connects patients and doctors remotely. This is useful in helping healthcare providers engage with users and offer them personalized support and therapy. A platform like this is especially relevant at a time when uncertainties like COVID-19 can delay patient care and recovery. Additionally, CareShare operates remotely and offers nutrition and symptom management steps.

NextStem's Electroencephalography (EEG) Headsets

EEG is a test that is used to detect abnormalities in brain activity. NextStem, a US-based startup figured out a way to detect brain abnormalities in a tech-savvy way. Incorporating familiar connectivity options, the headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi to collect and transmit information from the brain. While traditional EEG systems were voluminous and prevented patients from wearing or monitoring them routinely, these headsets have a compact built. Those with epilepsy or sleeping disorders can use these daily and keep a track of brain data without interfering with their daily activities.

Launch Medical's the Phoenix

Bottneuro's Neuromodulation Therapy

A Swiss-based startup has come up with a platform to help those with Alzheimer's, a progressive neurological disorder that shrinks brain cells. Bottneuro offers neuromodulation therapy. What it does is gather patient data and identify areas in the brain that need electric stimulation.  The therapy is useful in stabilizing the behaviour of those with Alzheimer's and slowing neurological deterioration.

Prenome for Diabetes

Owing to the need for specialised healthcare, women-centric healthtech startups have been gaining traction globally. The startup uses AI-powered capabilities systems to predict gestational diabetes during early pregnancy stages. Developed by women for women, the healthcare provider also conducts research studies examining lifestyle factors that cause gestational diabetes based on genetic models.

Endear Health and Its Uniqueness

Being new in the healthtech startup sector, Endear Health is one of the players that you want to watch out for in 2022. Built to cater to the needs of the aging population, the platform allows users to manage health metrics. It uses AI-driven smart benefits and data-driven insights to provide personalized healthcare management tips to senior citizens.

ZiffyTech Healthcare for Your Diagnosis Needs

ZiffyTech, an India-based startup, aims to eliminate waiting time for patients. Whether it is driving through traffic or waiting in long queues to get medical reports, any kind of wait is over. Using cloud-based software, ZiffyTEch makes seeking medical consultations and getting reports of diagnostic tests easy. It uses guidelines set by the Health Ministry of India to create a custom health profile of every patient.

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