Top 5 Agricultural Robots that are Ruling the World

Top 5 Agricultural Robots that are Ruling the World

The impact that automation has left on each and every sector is commendable. We have got used to automation so much that getting done with certain tasks manually doesn't just seem right. One of the most remarkable innovations under automation has to be robotics. It is because of robots that we are leading a life of comfort and convenience. Robots have seen vast implementation in numerous fields, be it defence, healthcare or any sector for that matter. Agriculture is one such sector that got transformed in ways beyond expectation by virtue of automation. Considering how rapidly the population of the world is growing, the demand for agricultural products is exponentially increasing. This has led to the farmers turning towards robotics. That said, here are the top 5 agricultural robots that are ruling the world

Top 5 agricultural robots that are ruling the world:

Energid Citrus Picking System

If you are into the citrus fruits business, this is the one for you. We all know how much time is consumed in picking up fruits from every single tree on the farm. This is where fruit picking robots come to the rescue. Energid Citrus Picking System does the job for you. One of the best features of this agricultural robot is that when this is deployed, the cost incurred is way cheaper than what the human labour costs. In addition to this, this system is fast and efficient – fast to the extent that it can pick up a fruit in just a matter of 2 to 3 seconds.


This is your one-stop destination for all your concerns and requirements. The drones designed here are what you need for the results you would want to deliver. Calling these drones a perfect tool for the farmers will not prove you wrong anywhere. These drones from PrecisionHawk boast of all the advanced technologies that you can possibly think of. Artificial intelligence paired with multispectral, hyperspectral, and LiDar technology is one of the many advanced technologies that are the reason behind the exceptional performance.


Are you into greenhouse management or protected horticulture? If yes, then this is what would yield results as anticipated. This comes with both semi and fully automatic machinery that is suitable for greenhouse management, protected horticulture. Artificial intelligence forms the base of this agricultural robot. This robot is known for taking flats of peat seedlings to separate them and plant them in optimal patterns.

Blue River LettuceBot2

If the farmer into the production of lettuce crops, the agricultural robot to trust is Blue River LettuceBot2. The LettuceBot2 is a popular tool in the agriculture world that attaches itself to a tractor. Doing so, it thins out lettuce fields as well as prevents herbicide-resistant weeds.  It does all this by making use of its imaging system. In a nutshell, there are multiple objectives achieved by deploying this robot on your farm.


This is a fully autonomous drone. It relies on solar energy to run. One of the many remarkable features of this drone that sets it apart from the rest is that it uses its complex camera system to target and spray weeds. This robot has the potential to reduce human labour drastically.

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