Top 10 Self-Driving Car Companies in India to Overshadow Tesla by 2025

Top 10 Self-Driving Car Companies in India to Overshadow Tesla by 2025

These self-driving car companies in India might overshadow Elon's Tesla in the coming future

Autonomous driving has moved away from just the domain of science fiction to demonstrate new possibilities for the transportation industry over the past ten years. Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars use a variety of technologies to facilitate smooth driving experiences and provide security while driving to save drivers from accidents. The technology that supports self-driving cars is evolving every day, with Tesla being the pioneer. But as the market expands, several self-driving car companies that are threatening Tesla's dominance in the market have arrived. These emerging self-driving car companies are developing new practices to offer safe and efficient driving experiences. The technological developments by these companies might actually topple Tesla in the coming years. Coming to the scenario in India, there are several self-driving car companies in India that have stood out in the industry and have grabbed the attention of the world with their avant-garde self-driving cars. Here, we have listed the best self-driving car companies in India that will give tough competition to Tesla in the upcoming future.

Flux Auto enables autonomous driving on Indian highways, and in some of the most unpredictable and unchartered roadways in the world. The primary goal of the company is to democratize autonomous trucking. Putting safety as the utmost priority, engineers at Flux Auto are ensuring safe driving experiences that can be deployed in real-world scenarios.


Scouto is an automotive tech startup working with connected cars. The Scouto team acknowledges young talent to produce cutting-edge innovation in this burgeoning industry. They identify themselves as a family that cares deeply about the problems in the automotive sector. Scouto is driven by the motivation to solve real-world problems and to efficiently serve the customers in the industry.

Minus Zero is India's first startup that is building fully autonomous vehicles. It recently became the first company in India to test a fully driverless prototype on unregulated Indian public roads, live! Backed by some of India's top investors, the company aims to build the world's most human-like self-driving cars.

Ati Motors consists of a team of talented engineers across artificial intelligence, machine learning, control systems, and mechanical engineering who have hands-on experience in robotics, and building products that have been deployed in the real world, in factories, and warehouses. The company also takes pride in designing robots that fit into the existing infrastructures, indoors and outdoors.

Netradyne is working towards transforming the transportation ecosystem through computer vision and in-depth data analysis to protect and empower fleets and drivers to create safer roads for tomorrow. The company is the first commercial vehicle technology provider that combines AI with its existing advanced technologies to change self-driving dynamics in India.

The company's mission is to make connected autonomous driving technology far more accessible and affordable than it is today. Presently, the Swaayatt team is working on developing level-5 autonomous driving technology and has made their immediate goal to perform 100km/hr on Indian roads, but safely.


Fisheyebox comprises a team of scientists, programmers, designers, and automotive fanatics who are trying to deploy artificial intelligence for advanced innovation. The company works towards high-level driving behavior modeling, robotic scene estimation to low-level driving firmware actuation for universal compatibility.

AutoNxt is a technology company that is developing electric autonomous tractors with their High Torque Electric Powertrain and off-road automation technologies. The company has developed these technologies over the past 35 years of research and testing.

The technology developed by Auro revolves around vehicles that move autonomously to high-demand locations and maintenance depots, ensuring a lower vehicle downtime and a significant increase in revenue for fleet operators.

This is a robotics company that focuses on developing next-gen products to accelerate the growth of autonomous vehicles and driverless technologies. The team is also enabling the Industry 4.0 revolution with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for warehousing, and manufacturing facilities with a connected Industrial IoT framework.

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