Top 10 Robots that will Take New Shape in 2023 and Beyond

Top 10 Robots that will Take New Shape in 2023 and Beyond

The advancement in technology has brought us to a stage wherein we are heavily reliant on robots. These machines have ventured into almost all sectors and have helped businesses in meeting their goals and objectives in the best possible manner.  Innovations are coming up in the robotics sector with every passing day.  Here is a list of the top 10 robots that will take a new shape in 2023 and beyond. Have a look!


Robotics has contributed immensely to the field of healthcare. One such innovation is Robear, a high-tech teddy bear that aims to help raise an elderly person from a bed to a wheelchair. No wonder why this robot is all set to make a mark in the healthcare industry.


Meet AIBO – an adorable robot dog that was brought into existence by Sony. This robot was discontinued almost a decade ago. However, it has now come back with even more abilities for human operations. This mechanical pup reacts to words of praise or scratches on the head, can learn tricks, and will seek out owners. One point that cannot go unnoticed is that it has an application that owners can use to adjust system settings or add new tricks, and can store memories by connecting to the internet cloud.

RP Vita

What can get better than a feature wherein multiple medical specialists and caregivers collaborate in real time? This is exactly what RP Vita has in store for you. With this robot, there is now access to holistic care that is difficult to find in most medical facilities. This robot is already being used in a significant number of hospitals and in no time will mark its presence everywhere.

UR 10

UR 10, a reliable robot by Universal Robots is famous for all the right reasons. It can optimize production and improve performance across a number of industries. Be it Pharma, food and agriculture, automotive, metals, or chemistry, this robot has got you covered. UR 10 performs a range of tasks such as packaging, palletizing, assembly, and pick and place.


This is yet another innovative robot that deserves special mention. This agile robot is capable of flying (at a top speed of 25km/h) just as nimbly as a real winged insect. With Nimble in place, outdoor operations in light winds are no longer a concern. Also, this robot is less vulnerable to damage and can perform aggressive maneuvers, such as 360-degree flips, resembling loops and barrel rolls.


This cute little robot serves as a regular phone. That's not all. There is a bundle of functions that this innovative robot performs. It can lean forward and project larger images on the surface thereby making it easier than ever to view photos, videos, etc. It also has the ability to walk and talk.


Double has gained wide recognition as a remote-controlled telepresence mobile robot that lets users interact irrespective of their location. What exactly happens is that Double gives its users a physical presence in a given location. It further allows the user to self-adjust its height thereby making it convenient for the user to use it while sitting or standing. In no time, Double evolved to become the "ultimate tool for telecommuting".

Junco Chihira

Tourism is one of the most crucial industries that is contributing to the economy of the country. Given that, how about a robot answering all the tourists' questions? Meet Junco Chihira – a realistic android robot that responds to tourists questions as a result of its speech recognition capabilities.

Gita bot

We all hate carrying our shopping bags during the entire journey, right? Well, not anymore! Gita bot to our rescue. This robot is designed in a manner that it will follow you and get the shopping/luggage thing sorted for you. No wonder why this is no less than a blessing and an excellent travel companion for those short excursions to shops!


K-MAX is an unmanned aircraft founded by Kaman Aerospace Corporation and Lockheed Martin Corporation. This is currently being used by the U.S. military to deliver supplies and cargo to precise locations while eliminating the risk to human lives. How amazing is that? Yet another point to note here is that it has autonomous (remote) control capabilities.

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