Top 10 Python Cheat Sheets Every Developer Should Know in 2023

Top 10 Python Cheat Sheets Every Developer Should Know in 2023

The top Python Cheat Sheets every developer and a beginner should know to refresh old tricks

The importance of the language Python has multiplied with the big IT revolution, particularly with the recent rise of data science, as it has become the standard language for data science and development. Python cheat sheets enable you to reach the conclusion without spending too much time on pointless details.

These Python cheat sheets for developers decrease the entry barrier for newbies and assist veterans in brushing up on their previous Python skills by giving you the minimum essentials for both beginning and advanced developers. After talking about what a Python cheat sheet is and why they are essential for developers, we will now list some of the top Python cheat sheets that are used by developers all around the world. Every cheat sheet has advantages and disadvantages, Python cheat sheets to use in 2023 are some of the most well-liked that can help you improve your Python skills well.

Without a doubt, the most comprehensive Python cheat sheet is available at, which has held the top spot in the category for many years. It gives substantial assistance for handling exceptions and virtual environments in addition to covering the fundamentals of Python. also includes information on functions, data structures, lists, JSON, flow control, sets, loops, debugging, YAML, data classes, context managers, and a lot more.

2.Website Setup

Another top-notch Python cheat sheet is Website Setup, which ranks right below in terms of popularity. It is a comprehensive cheat sheet that includes all fundamental and advanced Python principles as well as features for creating strings and diagnosing issues.

3.Programming with Mosh

This cheat sheet bears the name of its creator, a well-known software developer who also maintains a related YouTube channel. Additionally, he provides a cheat sheet for Python 3 that covers a variety of topics.

We can see that practically all of Python's fundamentals have been addressed in the cheat sheet that Mosh Hamedani provides, just like they are on

4.Python for Data Science

In contrast to the earlier ones meant for development, this Python cheat sheet is specifically created for data science applications. But that doesn't imply it solely covers data science; it also covers nearly all of Python's fundamentals, which is also useful for developers.

5.Real Python

Another comprehensive yet simple cheat sheet for Python that might aid developers in their jobs using Python is Real Python. In addition to covering the fundamentals of Python, it does a great job with syntax and real-world examples.

Real Python deals with strings, Booleans, numbers, functions, control statements, and loops in addition to the main topics it covers.


Cheatography is a 2-page cheat sheet that can assist you in finding rapid answers for your Python projects, in contrast to some of the other cheat sheets we have previously discussed.

In addition to the usual techniques for working with strings, lists, files, and a tonne of other things, cheatography for Python contains both operating system and built-in system variables.


When working on a Python project, you should always refer to this comprehensive cheat sheet provided by GitHub. It is a comprehensive manual for developers and data scientists, and GitHub has made sure that it is beneficial for both novices and specialists.

8.Python Crash Course

Another useful, multi-page cheat sheet for Python, called Python Crash Course, can be useful for both professionals and seasoned developers in addition to newbies. It largely focuses on Python lists, including how to create and modify a list, access list elements, and iterate through list values.

9.Python for Data Science – Bokeh

It is a useful reference guide for data scientists that demonstrates interactive plotting and statistical charts using Bokeh.

In comparison to many other Python visualization libraries, such as Seaborn or/and Matplotlib, Bokeh has always stood out because it is a very interactive visualization library that is ideal for both beginning and experienced data scientists who want to quickly and easily create interactive plots, dashboards, and other data applications.

10.Basic and Intermediate Cheat Sheet for Data Science

The intermediate section of this cheat sheet by DATAQUEST is intended for experienced developers, while the basic section covers all the fundamental ideas, we have read about in other cheat sheets. Its intermediate section requires a thorough understanding of Python's fundamentals, and you won't be able to get the most out of it unless you do.

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