Top 10 Programming Languages for Kids and Teens in 2022

Top 10 Programming Languages for Kids and Teens in 2022

These programming languages are the best for kids

Programming is a great skill for kids to learn and develop their problem-solving skills. The basics for programming languages are something that anyone who will one day work with computers should have a handle on. There are many types of programming languages for kids and so it becomes hard for them to pick the best. Here is an overview of the top programming languages for kids to start with for kids who are interested in learning to code.

The Top Programming Languages for Kids

1 Python

Python is one of the programming languages that read like normal speech. One rarely has to add comments to the code because Python code is written well enough as if the comments are already included in the code. With Python, students will have very few issues with regard to learning how to program or code. They will be able to learn how to construct programming ideas within their heads and then focus on transferring the ideas into instructions that the machine can interpret.

2 Ruby

Ruby is one of the most readable syntaxes for programmers. Instead of spending a lot of time explaining the code that students are typing into machines, a lot of it will be self-explanatory for them. It is one of the best programming languages that can help children to learn the concepts in order to write good scripts.

3 Java

Java is one of the top programming languages that are easier for students to learn things more easily. Many students have already thought about creating their own apps or websites but they do not know where to start. In such a case Java is one such language that is virtually created from the ground up using Java. Java looks similar to C and C++, but offers more functionalities to create more robust programs.

4 C++

Many computer science experts and developers have perspectives about kids learning C++ or not. This is one of the programming languages that can look a bit like math and might put students off the idea of learning to code. But once the student gets to understand the basics it becomes one of the easiest languages for them.

5 Scratch

It is one of the best programming languages for kids who are interested in creating animation, art, music, and it can be the best coding language that can be learned online for free. While this language is simple enough for children, there are enough functionalities and options that even experienced programmers can use.

6 JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the top programming languages for kids that is used widely. It is simple to start learning and does not require any sort of heavy setup. It is called the internet language, as all the games and interactive websites are created using JavaScript. Kids can learn JavaScript easily as it has very intuitive syntax and is very flexible when running the scripts on any platform.


HTML is used to create web pages and web applications. And CSS alters and enhances the appearance of a web page or web application. CSS defines the styles for all the elements that are present on the web pages created using HTML. All web pages are internally made up of HTML content. Kids can learn HTML very quickly as it is simple to learn and understand.

8 Lua

Lua is a lightweight high-level multi-paradigm programming language designed mainly for embedded use in applications. For kids who are interested in developing games, Lua is one of the best programming languages to begin programming. Popular Games like Angry Birds and World of Warcraft use Lua as a programming base.

9 Blockly

It is a product of the Google developer community, designed to provide its users to create and indulge in the programming through block-based visual programming. Blockly is used with other languages like JavaScript, Lua, and Python to generate the code in the respective languages through the visual block linking. Children can quickly understand and learn the design of a program with this.

10 C

C programming is for kids who want to take up programming. It is used to develop games, web applications, windows applications, etc. Microsoft provides a plethora of videos and documentation of all the C# language topics for children to learn and play around with this language.

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