Top 10 Most Popular AWS Services Used by Business Organizations

Top 10 Most Popular AWS Services Used by Business Organizations

Here are the top 10 most popular AWS services that you should be aware of.

AWS offers several services that can be classified according to domain categories such as content delivery, migration, storage, database, and management tools. Anyone who is looking for migrating their databases or applications to the AWS cloud must get familiar with these top 10 most popular AWS services used by business organizations.

Amazon EC2

Businesses no longer worry about looking for money to put into expensive physical services. Instead, they can use Amazon EC2 to create virtual machines and manage critical server functions such as storage and security. This service allows them to spend more time working on their projects instead of server maintenance, making Amazon EC2 the fastest growing and most popular service.

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) helps make organizational infrastructure user-friendly. The service eases the creation of dedicated database instances. Plus, you can use the instances to support several database engines, such as PostgreSQL, SQL, and SQL Server.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) provides businesses with storage to handle an increasing amount of big data. The service provides a highly redundant and secure file storage solution in one of three data centers in each region. Included integrations with Amazon S3 offer multiple ways to prevent breaches, for example, through PCI-DSS.

Amazon VPC

This service is suitable for businesses ready to isolate their entire IT infrastructure from exposure. It works by creating a private virtual network, which is only accessible to authorized individuals and systems. Some additional security features include network access control lists and security groups. For extra security, organizations can have dedicated instances created which isolate them at the hardware level from their other AWS accounts.

AWS Beanstalk

Switching from development to maintenance is difficult for developers. AWS Beanstalk is an auto-scaling service for automatic software updates that automates setting up, configuring, and provisioning other services such as S3, EC2, and RDS. Automating setup helps eliminate human error.

AWS Autoscaling

Businesses seeking growth need to make sure their IT infrastructure can provide the required support. Through AWS Autoscaling, organizations can easily manage server fleets and incoming traffic. Businesses can create several instances when required. AWS Autoscaling ensures predictive scaling and provisioning that ensures the right amount of resources available for EC2 instances ahead of seasonal spikes and other future traffic. Plus, machine learning algorithms can detect and adjust to daily and even weekly patterns.

Amazon CloudFront

This service is critical in improving site speed and access to data on the cloud. The CloudFront service works like a Global Content Delivery Service (CDN) by efficiently delivering content to the end-user. Some of the benefits include improved web page loading speed and the ability to pull site static files from data centers all over the world.

Amazon SNS

This is an event-driven computing hub that alerts a subscriber service to perform certain tasks automatically based on specified triggers. For instance, sending notifications to any user on any platform. Integration with Python, PHP, Node, etc., means that organizations never miss a critical alert.

AWS Lambda

Sometimes, the current server infrastructure cannot support the demands of an ongoing development speed. Amazon Web Services Lambda can come in and support the development load. While you are handling coding, AWS Lambda provides the right resources and support so your system does not stretch past its capacity.


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures the effective fortification of sensitive data and AWS resources. The service can also be used with the organization's MFA and 2FA. The added security layer can ensure business compliance with industry standards.

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