Top 10 FREE Software APIs in 2024

Top 10 FREE Software APIs in 2024

Explore the top 10 free software APIs of 2024 that are transforming the tech landscape

If your startup is planning to build an app, you'll need an Application Programming Interface, better known as an API. An API gives your app a set of directions so it can get all the information it needs to interact with your business. APIs are extremely valuable, but they can also be challenging to navigate

Dream factory:

The anxious way to automatically generate, manage, publish, and secure REST APIs, alter SOAP to REST, and Aggregate disparate data sources from a single API platform is known as Dream Factory. It's separate from Hasura but for REST APIs.

From any database, rapidly generates APIs with built-in firm security controls operating on-premises, air-gapped, or in the cloud.

Dream Factory has generated REST APIs for SQL, NoSQL, file storage, email, and push notifications. You can steadily call any web service, including SOAP Services and custom-built REST APIs. Dream Factory publishes and generates new REST API in seconds and with live API docs.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance proposals news, financial data, and relevant tools are a fundamental addition to any list of best APIs for inaugurations. Associated with API endpoints, very use complete for startups and incorporate:

Get summary: This function generates a real-time synopsis of the market as things change, as used in the endpoint, with specific information to choose a region.

Get Movers: Retrieve information for a given region pertaining to losers, gainers, and actives of the day as use this Endpoint.

Get Quotes: Retrieve information for a given particular group of stocks or single stock by stating its symbol.

Get Charts: Retrieve information can be used to visualize the char and comparisons for the stock given in the endpoint. Include timestamps, trading periods, and other critical information data.

URL Shortener Service

URL Shortener Service offers a simple free API that is straightforward and has millions of potential applications. For popout, paste in a link and a short version. A number of links you can shorten: there are no limits; the only limit is being imposed three concurrent calls per second, and the link never dies.


The world's largest database of lyrics, MusiXmatch, has 50 million active users who serve lyrics for over 14 million songs. Can complete access album and lyrics data to give API endpoints. Must access the album and lyrics data using Endpoints of API. Endpoints have given access to song lyrics matching and more. A less popular substitute is a comparable Deezer.

Numbers API

The Numbers API is used to get facts about math and numbers, as well as trivia and data. Various endpoints are used to get a date fact, math fact, year fact, trivia fact, or random fact.

How can you know if various APIs are organized? DreamFactory can help! Read on to learn more about Dream Factory partnering benefits.


Analyze a multitude of SYSTRAN. You can use unstructured data and structured data across various languages. We can analyze powerful social media posts, user-generated content, web content, and other diverse forms of data. It's scalable, easy to use, and reliable.

Currency Exchange

Usage of Currency Exchange API gets exchange prices in real-time for currencies around the world. To specify a source and destination, a quote of ability endpoints along with possible amounts. A list of quotes is available for another endpoint. 

Email Validator 

Email Validator API can clean email lists and help reduce fraud by checking for fake DNS and using functions such as regex to crisscross for length and characters accepted. For example, would regularly mismark as a valid email, but this valid API recognizes that its fake domain doesn't exist. The extent capture is part of several start-up sales and marketing processes. Among the best APIs for startups, Email validator is the best.  

City Geo-Location Lookup

The simple and beautiful API City Geo–Location Lookup allows you to find the longitude and latitude of any city along with the time zone. It is ideal for applications that require Geotagging and mapping or feature location-specific listings, like user profiles and business.

Words API

The English API is called Words API, and it offers several functions, including the ability to search for synonyms and extract definitions, recover examples of a word/phrase in use, find rhyming words, and more.

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