Top 10 Companies Training Employees to Use AI in 2024

Top 10 Companies Training Employees to Use AI in 2024

Top 10 companies training employees to use AI in 2024

Less than half of U.S. companies are taking drastic steps to prepare their employees to utilize generative artificial intelligence—which has been hailed the most troublesome innovation since the approach of the internet—according to a modern report.

LinkedIn's 2024 Top 10 Companies list, discharged Tuesday, positioned the best ten companies "leading the way with AI selection and representative instruction, advertising apparatuses and reskilling openings to supercharge their workforce's generative AI capabilities." Companies such as Moderna, Verizon, and Bank of America made the list for their endeavors in AI proficiency, with a few growing those endeavors in the workforce at expansive.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. had conducted internal training programs, mainly designed to elevate employees about AI tools. The company also bought specific experts with AI technology to conduct workshops and seminars regarding AI tools and technologies.


Amazon has planned a new program to prepare their employees for AI abilities, according to The Divider Road Diary. With "AI Ready," Amazon trusts to prepare 2 million individuals in "tech and tech-adjacent parts" by 2025 in an offer to pick up on the likes of Google and other tech giants.


PWC has started training its employees to use AI tools, and Atkinson and Mohamed Kande led the initiative. After the training session, employees may receive certification in AI tools and technologies. The company started using chatbot, which makes OpenAI's technology available to employees in a secure manner. Employees are using AI tools in tax and legal to review contracts that are shared with clients.


AT&T has provided numerous sessions to employees about the benefits of AI tools and technologies. The company mentioned that a few months back, AT&T had built its generative AI tool for employees to utilize. They named it ASK AT&T. It's an automatic, conversational tool that one can connect with in plain English (or pretty much any other dialect). Employees are using this tool to write enhanced codes that elevate the company's profits.


Verizon has conducted a three-month upskilling and reskilling program for all employees to train them about AI tools and technology. Verizon also coordinated the supply chain arrangement stage for its customer's mobile phones and accessories. It utilizes AI insights (AI) and machine learning (ML) to empower proactive choices to relieve supply disturbance, optimize stock, and spare millions of dollars in capital spending.


Moderna has seen the effect of AI and digitization on increasing speed in showcasing and persistently advancing our items. AI, as of now, makes a difference in optimizing each angle of Moderna's esteem chain—from medication plans to clinical trial operations, fabricating working strategies, and commercial outreach. Its effect amplifies past our medication plan and discharge cycle to quicken and move forward the work of each division from client benefit to back and cybersecurity.

General Motors

General Motors has implemented two-month-long AI-enhanced training programs for employees with personalized learning methods. Utilizing AI-driven predictive analytics, their manufacturing teams optimize vehicle yield through chronicled execution and real-time data analytics of our mechanical autonomy and transport frameworks. Their AI model will learn and perceive bizarre designs that are characteristic of potential malfunctions.

Bank of America

Bank of America has conducted several AI sessions training for employees for two months. Virtual AI-driven assistant Erica exceeds expectations at settling client requests, making a difference in clients' getting the assistance they require and discovering the answers they need. Since propelling in 2018, Erica has made a difference in the lives of more than 33.5 million clients, with about 1.2 billion intelligent.


Mastercard company has trained their employees regarding AI tools and technologies in recent months. With the help of AI tools, they have enhanced the performance of personalized real-time assistance programming for customers.

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman provided training in AI tools and technologies, including the essential concepts required for growth and development. Northrop Grumman is creating and joining leading-edge fake insights and machine learning arrangements into huge, complex, end-to-end mission frameworks that are fundamental to our national security.

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