Top 10 Companies Developing Robotics Hands to Watch Out in 2021

Top 10 Companies Developing Robotics Hands to Watch Out in 2021

Analytics insight has listed top 10 companies developing robotics hands.

 "In this digital age, robotics is the next revolution." As you might be aware, robotics is commonly used in manufacturing industries, labs, traffic control, military missions, and other areas where humans' jobs have been made easier. In other words, they have taken over many roles that were previously performed by humans. Technology plays a critical role in assisting humans in working more efficiently. We may expect robots to quickly replace many roles that are currently done by humans, as automation has become an integral part of business operations.

In this article Analytics Insight has presented the top 10 companies developing robotics hands to watch out in 2021:

Shadow Robot Company

The Shadow Robot Company is a leading robotics manufacturer in the United Kingdom, specializing in grasping and manipulation for robotic hands. It has collaborated with businesses and researchers all over the world to find new ways to apply robotics technology to serious challenges. The Dexterous Hand, which was recently used to advance AI science, and the Modular Grasper, an important tool for supporting Industry 4.0, are both developed and sold by the company. Their new Teleoperation System, which can be used in nuclear safety and pharma labs, is being designed for the AVATAR X space program (their third space partnership after NASA and ESA).

Robotic Materials

Robotic Materials is a manufacturer of industrial robots that use cutting-edge robotic AI to improve throughput and efficiency in manufacturing and e-commerce. The company's robots use edge computing to gather intelligence and analyze data, implement autonomous mobility to optimize material flow, and use robotic manipulation for full automation, allowing manufacturers to cut inventory, transportation, and immediate storage costs while also improving their ability to respond to customer requirements.

Kinova Robotics

Kinova Robotics is a Canadian technology company that creates personal assistance platforms and applications using service robotics. Under two business divisions, the company develops and produces robotic systems and components: Assistive robotics enables people with disabilities to get beyond their existing limitations, while Service robotics enables people in industry to communicate with their surroundings more safely and effectively.


ZenRobotics is the leading provider of robotic waste separation technology in the world. The ZenRobotics Recycler is the world's first robotic waste separation device, separating selected fractions from solid waste. ZenRobotics Recycler is a next-generation recycling system designed to improve productivity and reduce waste separation costs.


BrainRobotics aims at creating cost-effective EEG (Electroencephalography, or brainwave) powered robotic prostheses that can be controlled directly using brainwave without the use of hands. For those who have lost a limb, this may be life-changing. The project is seen as a perfect example of cutting-edge technology combined with social responsibility. You have complete power over your life thanks to BrainRobotic's technology.


The first fully automated fresh fruit harvester is being developed by FFrobotics, an AgTech company. Fresh Fruit Robotic Harvester is delivered by the company. This one-of-a-kind product was created by FFrobotics using advanced robotics and computer vision. Their robotic fresh fruit harvester allows growers to cut costs drastically by supplementing or replacing human staff. The company's solution incorporates precise but simple robotic controls, quick and accurate image processing, and advanced algorithms for picking and separating functional produce from damaged, diseased, and underripe fruit.

Barrett Technology

Barrett Technology, a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, designs and builds robotic manipulators, such as WAM, their first haptic robot arm. This manipulator uses Transparent Dynamics drives, which are radically different from traditional robotic manipulator designs.


For several years, agriculture has done soil sampling by hand, which has resulted in fertiliser prescription errors due to differences in depth, location, and pattern. The Soil Sampling Process is being totally revolutionised by Rogo. The company is prepared to solve any problem related to Soil Sampling by incorporating new technologies, its extensive knowledge of farming methods, and growth mindsets. Rogo's autonomous robot, the SmartCore, will sample the soil to improve fertilizer performance.

Force Dimension

Force Dimension is a company based in Switzerland that specializes in sophisticated force-feedback (haptic) technology. Force Dimension was founded in 2001 and specializes in developing and manufacturing dedicated haptic hardware and software for medical, industrial, aerospace, and research applications. In addition, the organization offers technology integration services to its clients and customers all over the world.


The creator of Ziro, the world's first hand-controlled robotics kit, is ZeroUI. Via hand gesture interactions, Ziro is trying to redefine the future of robotics; it provides robotics in an accessible and detailed kit that everyone enjoys. It makes robotics easy, straightforward, and informational.

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