Top 10 Best Python IDEs and Code Editors to Know in 2022

Top 10 Best Python IDEs and Code Editors to Know in 2022

While you can write Python with just a simple text editor, using a code editor or IDE can skyrocket your productivity.

Python is a language that is remarkably easy to learn, and it can be used as a stepping stone into other programming languages and frameworks. If you're an absolute beginner and this is your first time working with any type of coding language, that's something you definitely want. Python is mostly utilized for server-side web improvement, advancement of programming, math, prearranging, and man-made consciousness. It chips away at numerous stages like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and so on. While you can write Python with just a simple text editor, using a code editor or IDE, skyrocketing your productivity. This article features the top 10 best python IDEs and Code editors to know in 2022.

What are Python IDEs and Code Editors?

Whether you are new in the field of coding or an experienced developer, you need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or a code editor to showcase your coding skills and talent. An IDE is a software that consists of common developer tools into a single user-friendly GUI (Graphical User interface). An IDE majorly consists of a source code editor for writing software code, and local build automation for creating a local build of the software like compiling computer source code. Lastly, it has a debugger, a program for testing other programs. An IDE can have many more features apart from these & those vary for each IDE.


Atom is a more out-of-the-case prepared open-source CE that finds some kind of harmony between Sublime's presentation/customization and a short arrangement time. Atom has a smooth look and is controlled by electron front-end structure, a device for building work area applications utilizing JS, CSS, and HTML.

  • Atom is an open-source code editor by Github and supports Python development
  • Atom is similar to Sublime Text and provides almost the same features with emphasis on speed and usability
  • Price: Free

The most notable features of Atom include:

  • Support for a large number of plugins
  • Smart autocompletion
  • Supports custom commands for the user to interact with the editor
  • Support for cross-platform development

Wing is also a popular and powerful IDE in today's market with a lot of good features which the developers require for python development. It comes with a strong debugger and the best Python editor that makes the interactive Python development fast, accurate, and fun to perform. Wing also provides a 30-day trial version for the developers to have a taste of its features.

Visual Studio

Developed by Microsoft for Windows Linux and OS, VS Code is an extensible code editor not to be confused with Visual Studio. Indeed VS Code is small but complete, and the software is open source under an MIT license; this is what characterizes the difference between Visual Studio and VS Code. The first version of the VS Code was published on April 29, 2015. VS Code is comparable to Atom in terms of functionality. Indeed, VS Code is built on Electron just like Atom, which means that these two programs have almost the same advantages and disadvantages.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a profoundly responsive code editorial manager utilized by a great many designers. Wonderful text upholds various forms of Python and permits you to set your rendition for each undertaking.

Radiant is almost unparalleled in speed, with everything except the biggest records opening quickly. Radiant's other call to acclaim is its outrageous customization through client fabricated module bundles.

These modules let you change almost anything about the code manager, from appearance to mistake finding, code consummation, and extra language backing, and that's just the beginning. More modules are added every day, which means Sublime is possibly perhaps the most refreshed apparatus accessible.

Vim (CE)

Vim is a popular open-source text editor which is used to create and modify any type of text and is highly configurable. According to the developers, VIM is a very stable text editor and its quality of performance is increasing with every release. Vim text editor can be used as a command-line interface as well as a standalone application.

Eric Python

Eric is powerful and is rich in features Python editor which is developed in Python itself. Eric can be used for daily activities or for professional developers. It is developed on a cross-platform QT toolkit which is integrated with a flexible Scintilla editor. Eric has an integrated plugin system that provides a simple extension to the IDE functions.


Thonny is a free Python IDE planned as the best environment for amateurs. The UI is basic and accompanies featuring, autocompletion, investigating, and inherent auto-designing.

IT likewise has one-of-the-kind highlights for amateurs like a variable worth tracker showed close to the primary editorial manager. All choices are set with menus rather than config documents to permit novice engineers to zero in on their coding. Indeed, even module establishment is streamlined for fledglings with a straightforward package manager.


Spyder is a Python-specific IDE designed for data scientists and ML engineers. It's included with the Anaconda distribution that includes other popular Python libraries like Scikit-learn, Mumpy, Matplotlib, Scipy, and Pandas.

It includes great features like autocompletion, a powerful debugger, iPython shell, and limited data visualization tools. Spyder is specifically optimized for data science and therefore interfaces perfectly with all the top tools.


PyDev is an open-source IDE plugin available for Eclipse, a popular Java IDE for open-source development. PyDev comes with all of Eclipse's built-in control and adds support for Python autocompletion, an interactive console, and debugging.

It is also integrated with Django with many tools suited for web development. It is one of the few IDEs that include support for Jython and Cython.

  • PyCharm is a widely used Python IDE created by JetBrains
  • This IDE is suitable for professional developers and facilitates the development of large Python projects
  • Price: Freemium

The most notable features of PyCharm include:

  • Support for JavaScript, CSS, and TypeScript
  • Smart code navigation
  • Quick and safe code refactoring
  • Support features like accessing databases directly from the IDE
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