Top 10 Amazing Python Projects on Github Aspirants should Try

Top 10 Amazing Python Projects on Github Aspirants should Try

What makes a Python developer valuable is how effectively he can use the dense style of writing code

Python is the favourite coding language among developers. Why not when programmers can just sail through with ease while putting together the syntax even for code running for thousands of pages. Python is well known for being concise and enriched with readable classes which can absorb a lot of processes within a small amount of code. But what makes a Python developer valuable is how effectively he can use the dense style of writing code and do it quickly to spare minimal time for debugging. In case you want to check your mettle in Python programming, GitHub is one of the popular places to go. With a large python community and hundreds of projects, you can definitely find ample resources and support to try your hand at some of the most challenging and at the same time interesting projects in Python. Check out the list of top 10 Python projects on GitHub given below.

1. Magenta:  Explore the artist inside you with this python project. A Google Brain's brainchild, it leverages deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms to create drawings, music, and other similar artistic products.

2. Photon: Designing web crawlers can be fun with the Photon project. It is a fast crawler designed for open-source intelligence tools. Photon project helps you perform data crawling functions, which include extracting data from URLs, e-mails, social media accounts, XML and pdf files, and Amazon buckets.

3. Mail Pile: Want to learn some encrypting tricks? This project on GitHub can help you learn to send and receive PGP encrypted electronic mails. Powered by Bayesian classifiers, it is capable of automatic tagging and handling huge volumes of email data, all organized in a clean web interface.

4. XS Strike: XS Strike helps you design a vulnerability to check your network's security. It is a security suite developed to detect vulnerability attacks. XSS attacks inject malicious scripts into web pages. XSS's features include four handwritten parsers, a payload generator, a fuzzing engine, and a fast crawler.

5. Google Images Download: It is a script that looks for keywords and phrases to optionally download the image files. All you need to do is, replicate the source code of this project to get a sense of how it works in practice.

6. Pandas Project: Pandas library is a collection of data structures that can be used for flexible data analysis and data manipulation. Compared to other libraries, its flexibility, intuitiveness, and automated data manipulation processes make it a better choice for data manipulation.

7. Xonsh: Used for designing interactive applications without the need for command-line interpreters like Unix. It is a Python-powered Shell language that commands promptly. An easily scriptable application that comes with a standard library, and various types of variables and has its own virtual environment management system.

8. Manim: The Mathematical Animation Engine, Manim, can create video explainers. Using Python 3.7, it produces animated videos, with added illustrations and display graphs. Its source code is freely available on GitHub and for tutorials and installation guides, you can refer to their 3Blue1Brown YouTube channel.

9. AI Basketball Analysis: It is an artificial intelligence application that analyses basketball shots using an object detection concept. All you need to do is upload the files or submit them as a post requests to the API. Then the OpenPose library carries out the calculations to generate the results.

10. Rebound: A great project to put Python to use in building Stackoverflow content, this tool is built on the Urwid console user interface, and solves compiler errors. Using this tool, you can learn how the Beautiful Soup package scrapes StackOverflow and how subprocesses work to find compiler errors.

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