Top 10 Affordable Personal Robots to Buy in India this Year

Top 10 Affordable Personal Robots to Buy in India this Year

Make your life easier with these top personal robots.

Many industries and businesses need robots and artificial intelligence to keep up with today's technological advancements. Several other sectors, such as hospitality, healthcare, homes, and colleges, etc. now need artificial intelligence and robotics more than ever to address a variety of issues that have weighed them down. Robots can not only work with greater precision, reducing the amount of time and materials consumed, but they can also work faster (and for longer) than humans.

In this article, Analytics Insight presents you the top 10 affordable personal robots that you can buy in 2021 in India.

Educational Robot

Multiple students choose to learn from robots because of their ability to teach the same thing over and over without being bored, which is a characteristic not found in humans. Furthermore, combining interactivity with a robot in the classroom makes learning more exciting and fascinating for students, which aids learning significantly.

For example – DJi RoboMaster S1 Intelligent Educational Robot (2nd Gen.)

  • Intelligent Educational Robot STEM Toy Robomaster S1
  • Comes with Programmable Modules, Scratch and Python Coding

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Serving Robot

The Serving Robot's main goal is to provide excellent service to the customer. It takes their orders and ensures that food and refreshments are delivered to them. It performs valuable tasks for people or replaces appliances. These robots are used for a variety of tasks, including washing, cooking, healthcare, and collaborating.

  • Usage: Hotels, Restaurant, Food Shop, hospital
  • Brand: Penguin engineering

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Human Robot

A human robot is one whose body is designed to look like a human's. The design could be for a variety of reasons, including communicating with human tools and environments, conducting experiments, and so on.

  • Usage: A perfect companion of a naughty child, which can perform a number of functions.
    The company is offering a wide range of Human Robots to fulfill the requirements of its clients. This product is made employing sophisticated input and the latest techniques.
  • Brand: Comp-point Systems Private Limited

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Autonomous Delivery Robot

Autonomous Delivery Robots are electric-powered motorized devices that can deliver goods or products to consumers without the assistance of a human.

For example : Marvelmind v100

  • Usage: It is an autonomous delivery robot for smart warehousing and industry.
  • Brand: MarvelMind

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is an autonomous vacuum cleaner with a specific vacuum floor cleaning process, sensors, robotic drives, programmable controls, and cleaning patterns.

For example : iRobot Vacuum Cleaning Robot i7

  • Usage: Robotic Floor Cleaner
  • Brand: iRobot

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Smart Home Robot

A smart robot is artificial intelligence (AI) device that can evolve from its surroundings and experiences in order to improve its capabilities. Smart robots can work closely with humans, learning from their actions and collaborating with them.

For example : Lynx – Amazon Alexa Enabled Smart Home Robot

  • Usage: Lynx combines the latest advancements in robotic technology with the ever-expanding skills of Amazon Alexa to bring you the smart home partner of the future.
  • Brand: UBTECH

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Robotic Hand/Gripper

Depending on the requirements, a robotic hand may be built to execute any required work, such as welding, gripping, spinning, and so on. These hands can perform advanced movements that are similar to those of a human hand.

For example : RH-P12-RN-UR

  • Usage: Simplified design enables easy mounting on custom applications.
  • Brand: Robotics

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Entertainment Robot

An entertainment robot is, as the name implies, a robot designed solely for the human's subjective enjoyment rather than for practical purposes such as production or domestic tasks. It normally caters to the owner or his housemates, as well as visitors or customers.

For example : Spaceman Robot

  • Usage: The robot functions as a Bluetooth speaker to play music, read bedtime stories or nursery rhymes to kids, and audiobooks. It also has the ability to move and dance.
  • Brand: ECHEERS

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Mobile Control Robot

A Mobile Control Robot is a multipurpose robotics package with a development board that can be used in a variety of other projects.

  • Usage: It is used in mobile-controlled projects, multiple DIY projects, school and college projects.

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Robot Dog

A robot dog responds to your orders, giving you the realistic feeling of owning a dog. You won't have to bother with its meals or clutters because it's a toy. This type of robot dog toy is great for kids, seniors, and people who are lonely because it engages and entertains them.

  • Usage: Multifunctional: voice recognition, various touch sensors, LED lights, rf sensors, and Bluetooth speakers.Except for entertainment, the smart robot can improve knowledge and activate a child's imagination,intelligent development, interest, and other abilities.
  • Brand: Hong

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