The World is Not yet Ready for TikTok’s Adult-Only Content Creation Feature!

The World is Not yet Ready for TikTok’s Adult-Only Content Creation Feature!

TikTok's adult-only content creation feature is raising the age requirement for live streams

Recently, TikTok stated that it would be raising the minimum age requirement for live streams hosted on its site and introducing TikTok's adult-only content feature. Currently, Livestream hosts must be 16 years or older. Users must be 18 years of age to utilize the platform as of November 23.

According to TikTok, the modification is a part of continuous efforts to maintain community safety. Zoomers are maturing, and TikTok isn't exclusively for teens anymore—or is at least making an effort to stop being that. The platform wants to advance with its core user base by introducing an adult-only content creation feature. Additionally, TikTok's adult-only content creation feature is for live broadcasters who want to limit their audience to individuals who are at least 18 years old. This new content creation feature has raised a rage amongst the community and has faced a backlash saying this move is unnecessary.

TikTok intends to launch adult-only live streams in the upcoming weeks. The firm tested the option to limit live streams to viewers who were 18 years old and older in July, and now it is officially rolling it out. It's crucial to remember that users cannot broadcast adult content using TikTok's new 18+ restriction setting for live streams because the content is still subject to the rules of the service. Instead, it's a technique for content producers to shield young viewers from adult-targeted or perhaps dull material.

Those arguments may appear naively chaste, but TikTok won't become the next Only Fans as a result of the platform's decision to age-restrict some content. The majority of the content that would often be categorized as "adult" is strictly prohibited on the platform. In the community guidelines for the company, it is stated that "we do not accept nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content."

And nothing in the new announcement implies that the rules will be different for streaming that are only available to adults. A TikTok representative said, "All content, even if classified as better suited for people over 18, must adhere to our community guidelines." The same rules for moderation apply to all TikTok material. To implement our Community Guidelines, we combine human resources with technology which applies to everyone and everything on the platform

According to a blog post from the company, "We want to create a new mechanism for artists to determine if they'd wish to solely target an adult audience in their LIVE." "Perhaps a comedic act is better suitable for those beyond the age of 18, for example. Or the host could want to discuss a trying time in their life and feel more at ease knowing that only grownups will be listening.

A few months ago, TikTok stated that it wants to begin classifying which content is suitable for younger and older teens as opposed to adults. Now, the new setting has been introduced. TikTok had previously stated that it was working on a method to identify and block access to specific sorts of content by teenagers and that it will start asking content producers to indicate when their work is better suitable for an adult audience.

TikTok has previously stated that it wouldn't go as far as having "displayable" ratings or labels on TikTok videos, which would enable users to quickly determine whether a piece of content is appropriate for their age group. Instead, it said that it had intended to rely on back-end categorization and would depend on content providers to somehow classify their video, hence the new adult-only live streams.

In addition, TikTok is releasing an upgraded version of its keyword filtering tool that will remind users to update their filter list and suggest new phrases they might want to include. The app's keyword filtering feature already allows creators to limit comments they deem inappropriate, but this upgrade will expand upon that functionality.

To accomplish this, TikTok's program analyses the content that users frequently remove from their LIVE videos. It looks for similar phrases in these comments and suggests to the host that they add these words to their filter list. "When we evaluated this feature, we noticed that, when looking at the most popular LIVE makers, it roughly doubled those using keyword filtering."

Additionally, TikTok is introducing a brand-new function dubbed "multi-Guest," which enables hosts to go live with up to five additional users while using a grid or panel layout. The new function can be used to present instructional videos, answer queries, or simply spend some quality time with others. Creators can alter several options after the Livestream starts by tapping the three dots, including switching the camera, adding effects and stickers, censoring comments, and adding moderators.

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