Technological Advancements that Greatly Impacted iGaming Industry

Technological Advancements that Greatly Impacted iGaming Industry

The online casino industry is continuously growing despite the challenges that we have this year. It's simply an industry that is ever-changing and this is why it goes hand-in-hand with technology. It is one of the industries that thrive on what's trendy and the latest. The market of the online gambling industry is also always demanding something new.

Gambling is an activity that can be traced to as early as 200bc and definitely, it has come a long way and has changed a lot over the decades. It was only in the 90s when it finally came to the internet and now, people have thousands of choices when it comes to the variety of online casino games that they can play.

As more and more people get into online casino gaming, the demand for better and modern games is also becoming bigger. This is why software providers continuously release new games with different twists and themes. This is to prevent the market from getting tired of playing and software providers are definitely on an intense battlefield when it comes to this.

Thanks to technology, online casino gaming has become extremely interesting. Many technologies are now being developed specifically for gaming. Now that the online casino industry is thriving despite the pandemic, it is also likely that we'll be seeing a lot of new games and technologies for iGaming.

So far, there are only a few noteworthy technological developments that greatly impact the online casino industry and here they are.

Mobile Gambling

The mobile technology has been revolutionizing many industries. Back in the day, who would have thought that you can do plenty of things with a single device that fits in your pocket? Many casino software providers and online casino operators are now focusing on the mobile market because of its wide reach.

It is estimated that there already around 4 billion people that use smartphones. This means that they can easily reach a big population if they focus on mobile gaming.

In the US, almost 70 percent of the Americans (around 210 million) play games on a mobile device. Even if it's technically illegal to gamble online in the US, Americans can still do this without getting in trouble because no law prohibits them from gambling on offshore-based online casinos.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been around since the 1960s. However, consumer VR device headsets were only made in the 90s. Since then, people have been saying that this is the future of gaming and so far, that future has already started.

The talk of Virtual Reality dominating the gaming industry intensified in 2016 when Oculus released its VR headset (Oculus Rift) to the public. Since the online casino industry is keen on keeping with these advancements, software providers and casino operators also found ways to use this technology.

There are now VR casino games that you can play like Social Club VR, Poker Stars VR, and KryptCrawler.  Whether you're into poker, blackjack, roulette, or a simple game of slots, there are now varieties of these games that can be played with VR headsets.

What's even interesting is that even land casinos are also looking forward to using this technology. They are saying that this is something that can use to prepare customers before they go on the casino floor. This can be helpful for newbies or for people who are still trying to learn casino games.

Different Payment Options

Technology has also been helping the internet become a more secure place for transactions. It's still understandable that there are still people who are hesitant about making transactions online. However, if you have been transacting online for a while now, you probably can say that the internet is now safer and more geared up for this.

Online casinos now offer different payment options to make sure that their customers would feel comfortable and safe whenever they make transactions. The use of credit or debit card remains the most popular way to deposit to a gambling account, but there are now other ways that people could also do this without disclosing their banking information.

An example would be the use of cryptocurrencies and digital wallets. Digital wallets like PayPal and Neteller are the preferred options of many because these platforms offer extra security for their users. The same goes for the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Many gamblers would also prefer this because of how they can anonymously deposit to their casino account.

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