Tech Layoffs April-May 2023: Meta, Accenture, and Amazon to Fire Thousands

Tech Layoffs April-May 2023: Meta, Accenture, and Amazon to Fire Thousands

Thousands of Tech layoffs will be done by Accenture, Meta, and Amazon in the coming weeks or months

The tech layoffs are still ongoing. While Accenture claimed that 18,000 individuals will be laid off over 18 months, Meta just revealed that it would terminate thousands of staff in April and May of this year. Amazon also stated that it intends to terminate workers from several additional teams and that it hopes to complete the final list by the end of April. This indicates that in the upcoming weeks or months, one will hear more talk of layoffs. Here are the complete details about tech layoffs in April-May 2023.

Accenture Stated that the 18,000 Layoffs will be Completed in 18 Months

Accenture reported 19,000 job losses in an SEC filing. The corporation claimed last month that the process of layoffs will be completed in the following 18 months. The only motive is to reduce expenses and, in the long run, benefit businesses. India Today Tech has also gathered from its sources that Accenture has already begun compiling a list of workers who would be let go, but nobody is aware of the company's layoff procedure. We discovered that the first Accenture employees to be let go are those who haven't been engaged in any projects.

Meta to Fire More of its Employees in April and May 2023

Recently, it was discovered that Meta has begun letting go of workers in technical positions, including those involving user experience, graphics programming, software engineering, and more. Meta has executed many rounds of layoffs. A Meta spokesperson also confirmed to CNBC the second wave of layoffs. According to the source indicated, layoffs took place in teams that deal with the products, according to one of the fired employees. Employees who have jobs with a business focus, such as legal, finance, and HR, will also receive pink slips from Meta. This is supposed to happen in May of this year.

Amazon will be Laying Off its Employees in the Upcoming Weeks

Amazon just stated that not every employee will be let go immediately and announced the layoff of an additional 9,000 workers. According to a recent source, the corporation has already begun the process of layoffs after more than 100 employees in divisions like Prime Gaming, Game Growth, and the San Diego studio received emails notifying them of their elimination.

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