OpenAI Launches GPT Store for Custom AI Agents

OpenAI Launches GPT Store for Custom AI Agents

Create, share, and monetize your custom AI chatbots with OpenAI GPT Store

On Wednesday, OpenAI unveiled its GPT Store, a marketplace where paying ChatGPT customers may purchase and trade specialized chatbot agents based on the company's language models.

The startup, whose phenomenally successful product ChatGPT helped spark the AI boom, already provides customized bots via its subscription ChatGPT Plus service. The new shop will enable users to provide and monetize a wider selection of tools.

The new models might be used to create custom AI agents with their personalities or themes, such as models for pay negotiation, lesson planning, and recipe development. In a blog post announcing the debut, OpenAI stated that more than 3 million bespoke versions of ChatGPT had already been generated. It also stated that it intends to promote essential GPT tools in the shop each week.

The shop has been compared to Apple's App shop, encouraging new developments in the AI sector from a broader variety of consumers. Meta provides chatbots with varying personalities in a similar offering.

The GPT shop was supposed to debut in November, but it was postponed due to internal turmoil at OpenAI late last year when the company's board ousted Sam Altman as CEO. He returned to the post a week later, following a near-mass departure of personnel.

In a blog post, the firm announced that it will introduce a revenue-sharing programme in the first quarter of this year, with builders being compensated depending on user interaction with their GPTs. Details about it have yet to be revealed.

In a communication to platform developers this week, OpenAI advised users to verify that their chatbots adhered to use policies and GPT brand rules. In a news statement accompanying the launch, the business mentioned various products that were previously available, including those from Canva and AllTrails.

The new shop is available to customers of its premium services ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise, as well as a new membership tier called Team, which costs $25 per month for each user. Team subscribers can also construct bespoke GPTs based on team needs.

During its initial developer demo day, Altman pledged to cover the legal fees for developers who may have violated copyright laws while developing products based on ChatGPT and OpenAI technologies. OpenAI has been sued several times for suspected copyright infringement after utilizing pirated literature to train its big language models. In early January, Altman stated that it would be "impossible" to construct ChatGPT without including copyrighted material in the AI's training corpus.

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