Microsoft Unveils Initiatives to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Microsoft Unveils Initiatives to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Microsoft Launches Secure Future Initiative to Advance Cybersecurity

This new endeavor is built on three pillars: AI-based cyber defences, breakthroughs in fundamental software engineering, and lobbying for more robust implementation of international rules to protect civilians from cyber-attacks.

The IT giant intends to utilize AI-based cyber defences to detect and respond to cyber-attacks as quickly as possible. Microsoft's Threat Intelligence Centre will improve its threat analysis skills by employing modern AI technologies and methodologies.

"As a company, we are dedicated to developing an AI-based cyber shield that will protect customers and countries worldwide." "Our global network of AI-based data centers and use of advanced foundation AI models puts us in a strong position to put AI to work to advance cybersecurity protection," said Brad Smith, Microsoft's Vice Chair and President, in a blog post on Thursday.

According to the business, AI will be used as a game changer for all companies to help counter cyberattacks at machine speed and secure AI in their services based on their Responsible AI principles.

"We acknowledge that these new AI technologies must proceed with their own safety and security safeguards." That is why, by our Responsible AI principles and practices, we are creating and implementing AI in our services," Smith explained.

A more secure future, according to the corporation, will necessitate new "advances in fundamental software engineering."

With automation and AI, the organization will alter the way it develops software.

As part of this effort, they will provide customers with more secure default settings for multifactor authentication (MFA) out of the box over the next year, expanding their current default policies to a broader range of client services.

The tech titan will also improve identity protection against extremely sophisticated assaults, as well as push the boundaries of vulnerability response and security upgrades for our cloud platforms.

Finally, as part of the stronger international rules to protect civilians from cyber-attacks, the corporation will urge public support of red lines that governments should not exceed, particularly in the context of key infrastructure and cloud services.

"There has been no shortage of hard evidence of nation-state actions that violate these norms this year." "What we need now are strong, public, multilateral, and unified government attributions that will hold these states accountable and discourage them from repeating the misconduct," Smith said.

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