List of Sweepstakes Casinos & Real Money Alternatives (Updated)

List of Sweepstakes Casinos & Real Money Alternatives (Updated)

List of Sweepstakes Casinos & Real Money Alternatives (Updated)

Regulations and restrictions are probably the worst things about playing at online casinos. Not only do you have to look for a reputable site, but it must also be legal in your state. And as we all know, that's much easier said than done. Well, sweepstakes casinos just so happen to be a great solution to this conundrum.

And in this article, we'll take a closer look our top list of sweepstakes casinos in 2023, along with a crash course on how they work and how to succeed while playing. If you want to play legally and have fun, continue reading.

Updated List of Sweepstakes Casinos

  • Fortune Coins Casino
  • Pulsz Casino
  • SweepSlots Casino
  • us Chumba

Real Money Alternatives

How Sweepstakes Casinos Work

Sweepstakes casinos are an innovative solution that allows you to play casino games legally in most US states. Unlike traditional online casinos, these platforms operate under sweepstakes law, which is designed to separate them from gambling. This distinction enables you to enjoy casino games like slots, blackjack, and poker without violating any rules or regulations.

If you don't want to mess with offshore sites or settle for limited games or bonuses, this is the way to go. Our team reviews the best sweepstakes casinos, comparing them to one another and updating the rankings. Check out the list and pick your favorite, along with a nice bonus.

Our Top Online Sweepstakes Casino Picks for 2023

Fortune Coins Casino

Owned and operated by Social Gaming LLC, Fortune Coins is one of the best sweepstakes casinos, especially amongst rookie players. The welcome bonus, though, is what immediately caught our attention. Just by creating an account, you'll get 360,000 Gold Coins and 1,000 Fortune Coins.

We also liked the other promos, such as the Refer a Friend deal, or the Share Your Video on Social Media contest. In addition, you'll get 100 Fortune Coins for verifying your phone number and email, as well as connecting your Facebook account to the casino.

Games-wise, Fortune Coins mainly dabbles in slots, with casino games and fishing games being added only recently. The site is available everywhere except Washington D.C. and Idaho, which puts it right at the top of our availability rankings.

Pulsz Casino

If you're in the mood for a bit more diversity, you'll certainly appreciate Pulsz Casino and its 15+ providers. They join forces to provide a little over 100 slots, along with a decent amount of blackjack, video poker, and bingo releases. The slots, of course, impressed us the most. There's a decent number of Megaways, hold & win games, and even a couple of exclusive titles.

And we have to say, their bonuses aren't too shabby either. They run regular free promos on Facebook and Instagram, as well as giving out first-time Gold Coins purchases with a 300% boost.

Even though Pulsz had a late entry into the US sweepstakes casino market, they check all the essential boxes. We'd say this is the best choice for beginners, mainly because the site is so simple. It even has a dark mode, which is a big plus in our book.

SweepSlots Casino

Another new name in the game, SweepSlots managed to captivate plenty of players in recent months. One of the main reasons for this is their regular tournaments. Other sites on this list mainly focus on giveaways, but SweepSlots lets you compete and win sweet prizes. The competitions change all the time, and we can attest to the site's consistency in this department.

However, there are still plenty of promos you can use on either slots, video poker or perhaps the occasional table game. You'll get 500 Gold Coins and 50 Sweeps Coins just by logging in every day. The exchange rate is 100 SC = $1. Reloads and invites are all there, too.

We also have to mention the casino's odd choice of provider. Casino Web Scripts supplies all the software. And frankly, they did an awesome job. That's why our team would like to see more top sweepstakes casinos Sweepstakes Casino

Although Stake is much better known for its real money site, its sweepstakes casino is just as good. What sets Stake apart is that they let you redeem your Sweeps Coins into various cryptos. So if you want to avoid the usual hassle with cards, bank transfers, and eWallets, this is the perfect chance to do so.

When it comes to games, Stake really puts an emphasis on diversity. That's why you'll see all kinds of slots and even the occasional table game. Another thing that makes Stake one of the best sweepstakes casinos in the US is its dozens of original games.

The entire live dealer section is just in-house-built games, but the real treat lies with Stake Originals. It's here that you'll be able to find all of their crypto mini-games with a mandatory sweepstakes twist. And as the cherry on top, you can chat with other players on the homepage.

Chumba Casino

With over 1 million players, Chumba is definitely the most popular sweepstakes casino in the US. They were also the first site in the country to offer classic casino games for Sweeps Coins. We also like their background, since Chumba Casino is owned by the same company that runs Global Poker.

The lobby seems to be focused on slots, with progressive jackpots and Megaways being the crown jewel of the collection. However, you can also enjoy single-player table games, such as roulette and blackjack.

But our favorite part of Chumba Casino has to be the welcome bonus. If you're a newcomer, you'll be awarded 2,000,000 Gold Coins and $2 worth of Sweeps Coins. The minimum amount for redeeming SCs is $1, which is probably the lowest amount on this list. All in all, Chumba confirms its position as a top US sweepstakes casino.

Real Money Casino Alternatives to Sweepstakes

If you prefer playing with real money instead of sweepstakes, we've curated a list of reputable online casinos for you. These platforms offer a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer experiences. With real money casinos, you can wager and win cash for an authentic gambling experience.

Wild Casino is the best alternative to a USA sweepstakes casino, and stands out with its extensive selection of live dealer games, offering an immersive and interactive casino experience.

BetOnline Casino shines with its impressive sportsbook integration, allowing players to seamlessly transition between casino games and sports betting.

Cafe Casino distinguishes itself with its generous and innovative loyalty program, rewarding players with exclusive perks and benefits.

Ignition Casino stands apart with its robust poker platform, providing players with a thrilling and competitive online poker experience.

Please ensure you meet the legal requirements for real money gambling in your jurisdiction. In the next section, we present top-rated online casinos known for their safety and fairness. Whether you're an experienced player or new to online gambling, these alternatives offer a rewarding gaming experience. Gamble responsibly and set limits to enjoy online gaming responsibly.

Are Sweepstakes Casinos Legal

As of May 2023, sweepstakes casinos are fully legal in 48 out of 50 US states. The only exception is Washington. According to the Washington State Gambling Commission (WSGC), sweepstakes contests combine traditional raffles and promotional contests of chance. Thus, it's an illegal form of gambling and isn't regulated.

Hawaii also forbids sweepstakes casinos, as they don't fall under their definition of 'skill games.' Although residents of these states have access to the top sweepstakes casinos, this is an activity you should do at your own responsibility. After all, HI and WAS regulators don't provide protection to players engaging in these grey-area activities.

Regardless of where you are, we recommend our top picks. These sites are legal, tested, and have all the chops to provide quality entertainment. Read our reviews of each one.

How Sweepstakes Casinos Bypass Online Gambling Laws

At sweepstakes casinos, you'll be using a virtual currency called "Sweeps Coins" to place your bets. When you register at a sweepstakes casino, you'll receive a certain amount of this virtual currency for free, which you can use to play games on the platform. You can't purchase Sweeps Coins directly. Instead, you'll often receive them as a bonus when you buy another virtual currency called Gold Coins. They're used for playing games just for fun, without the possibility of redeeming them for real cash prizes.

To cash out your winnings, you'll need to accumulate a specific amount of Sweeps Coins. Once you've reached the minimum threshold, you can redeem your virtual currency for real cash prizes or gift cards. The exact method and availability of certain games depend on which state you're located in. Nevertheless, our top picks are usually consistent across the board and strive to create the same experience across the US.

Sweepstakes Casinos vs. Real Money Casinos

We're talking about two different types of online gambling platforms that offer players the opportunity to enjoy various casino games. Even though they seem like they're the same thing, we must draw a distinction. It's mainly down to a couple of specific factors, which we'll discuss shortly.

Legal Framework

Real money casinos operate under strict regulations and require proper licensing to offer gambling services. These establishments are subject to specific laws and regulations depending on the jurisdiction they are based in or targeting.

Sweepstakes casinos, on the other hand, exploit a loophole in US gambling laws. They are not considered gambling sites in the traditional sense, as they use a sweepstakes model to offer games of chance. Even though some call it 'real money gambling with extra steps,' those extra steps bypass traditional gambling laws.

Business Model

Most of the time, casinos offer real-money gambling, where players deposit funds and wager real money on casino games. If they win, they can withdraw their winnings as cash.

Sweepstakes casinos use a different approach. They offer virtual currency (often called "Gold Coins" or "Sweeps Coins") instead of real money. Players can purchase the virtual currency, use it to play games, and if they win, redeem it for cash prizes or gift cards.

Sweeps Coins have no inherent value but can be free through various methods like daily logins, social media promotions, or mail-in requests. This creates the legal loophole that allows sweepstakes casinos to operate.

Winning Prizes

At real money casinos, players can win real money directly by playing games and making bets with their deposited funds. That's basically it, aside from rollover requirements and

At the best sweepstakes casinos, on the other hand, players can't directly wager USD or cryptos on games. Instead, you need virtual currency to play. If you win, you can redeem their winnings for cash prizes or gift cards. The winnings are considered to be from a sweepstakes contest rather than gambling, which keeps it within the legal boundaries in many jurisdictions.


Real money gambling sites are legal in states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and several others. However, the level of availability and the quality of options vary from state to state. Offshore casinos, on the other hand, are available everywhere but carry a bit more risk.

The best sweepstakes casinos, on the other hand, can be found in 40+ states. There are also offshore sites, but they aren't under such scrutiny and are available in droves. Nevertheless, we recommend that you stick to our top picks. These sites are 100% legit and tested by our team of experts.

Gold Coins vs. Sweeps Coins: What's the Difference?

At sweepstakes casinos, Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins are two different types of virtual currencies used to play games. They serve distinct purposes within the sweepstakes model. To find your way to our recommended sites, you should be able to understand the difference:

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are a virtual currency that players can purchase using real money at sweepstakes casinos. These coins are used for playing casino games for fun and entertainment, with no real value or cash prizes associated with them. When players use Gold Coins to play games, they cannot redeem their winnings for cash or gift cards. Essentially, Gold Coins function as 'play money.' While they might have different names depending on the site, the purpose is always the same.

Sweeps Coins

This is another virtual currency used at sweepstakes casinos, but unlike Gold Coins, they can be redeemed for cash prizes or gift cards. Players cannot directly purchase Sweeps Coins using real money. Instead, they can obtain them through various free methods, such as daily logins, social media promotions, or mail-in requests. When players win games using Sweeps Coins, they can redeem their winnings for real-world prizes.

By offering Gold Coins for purchase and allowing players to obtain Sweeps Coins for free, sweepstakes casinos avoid the "consideration" element of traditional gambling.

How We Review Sweepstakes Casinos 

While you can definitely rely on us, we still want to give you a glimpse into our review process. Even though there are many bits and pieces involved, the process is far from rocket science.

Game Selection

Our ideal sweepstakes casino is one that offers a wide range of games, including slots, table games, and video poker. This will ensure that you have plenty of options to choose from and will keep your gaming experience fresh and engaging. A key part of our monitoring efforts is to see how frequently the site adds new releases. If they're consistent, that's a big plus in our book.


Whichever sweepstakes casino we review, our team checks the reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from other players. This gives us an idea of the platform's reliability, customer support, and overall user experience. Of course, we also cross-reference this info with the empirical evidence we collect along the way.


When reviewing the top sweepstakes sites, we look at their licensing, parent company, third-party fairness audits, and many other things. We'll only recommend the site if it passes our internal checks and if everything we just mentioned checks out. Otherwise, it's a no-go.

Bonuses and Promotions

Sweepstakes casinos often offer various bonuses and promotions to attract new players and retain existing ones. Pick our platforms that provide generous sign-up bonuses, daily login bonuses, and other promotions.

Mobile Compatibility

Ensure that the sweepstakes casino you choose has a mobile app or a mobile-optimized website, allowing you to play on your smartphone or tablet. This will enable you to enjoy your favorite casino games anytime and anywhere. All the sites on our list have either an app or a functional website, so you don't have to worry about that.

Tips for Playing at Sweepstakes Casinos

If you haven't played at our top sweepstakes casinos, don't worry. While they offer many of the basic features, the icing on the cake is what makes them great. So before you create an account and claim your Sweeps Coins, apply the following tips:

Play Responsibly

Set limits on the amount of time and money you spend at US sweepstakes casinos to prevent overspending or addiction. Remember that playing casino games should be a fun and entertaining experience, not a source of stress or financial problems. Just because you're not spending real money, that doesn't mean you should spend too much time playing.

Learn the Games

Before you start playing, familiarize yourself with the rules and strategies of each game. This will increase your chances of winning and help you make informed decisions while playing. Just because you don't use real money per se, that doesn't mean you should dive in head first.

Take some time, learn the rules of the base game, and then practice on the variant you're interested in. Don't purchase Sweeps Coins unless you're absolutely certain you know what you're doing.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

Keep an eye on the sweepstakes casino's promotions and take full advantage of them. This can help you maximize your Sweeps Coins balance and increase your chances of winning. Again — just because you'll be getting some coins for free, that doesn't mean you should disregard the available promos.

They can provide you with some much-needed firepower, especially in the beginning. All our recommended sweepstakes casinos have promos available at all times, so your job is to survey the situation and pick a deal that fits you.

Redeem Your Winnings in a Timely Manner

Remember to redeem your Sweeps Coins once you reach the minimum threshold. Now, this amount varies from casino to casino. Obviously, they want you to keep playing as long as possible. However, some sites are more friendly towards casuals, so they won't require you to run it up before redeeming the Sweeps Coins.

Before you create an account, inform yourself about the rules, limits, and Sweeps Coins threshold for redeeming real money. This is the best way to ensure you'll be playing responsibly and without distractions.

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