Latest Innovations in Robotics Set to Transform Industry 4.0

Latest Innovations in Robotics Set to Transform Industry 4.0

Analytics Insight gives a glimpse on the latest innovations in Robotics set to transform Industry 4.0

According to a report, Top Robotics Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis, the market size of Robotics is expected to reach US$176.8 billion in 2025 with a CAGR of 18.2%. Robotics has opened a plethora of job opportunities as well as set to transform Industry 4.0 with its efficient and effective assistant to the existing employees. Latest innovations in Robotics have attracted huge interest from children, adults as well as reputed organizations for entertainment as well as professional purposes. The dreams of having different types of robots as highly flexible companions are finally coming true. The Robotics future is here in the 21st century! Educational institutes have started offering mechatronics to drive students towards Robotics to innovate new models or robots in the nearby future. Let's take a glance at some of the latest innovations in Robotics set to transform Industry 4.0 efficiently.

Latest innovations in Robotics set to transform Industry 4.0

Energy-efficient Robots

The world is experiencing global warming in these recent years due to the large carbon footprint present in the atmosphere. New energy-efficient robots are thriving in Industry 4.0 to reduce energy consumption for a smaller carbon footprint. These smart and energy-efficient robots assist in the cost-efficient production of renewable energy equipment.


The AROUND-B robot is designed by Kim Seungwoo and Kyumin Ha that helps to enhance the customer experience in bookstores. The robot is known for following a user and offering a comfortable place to keep books instead of carrying those around the store. Then AROUND-B will carry the books to the cashier for seamless transaction efficiency.

Bossa Nova Robot

The Bossa Nova robot is created to help retail stores in tracking inventory as well as maintaining product displays on shelves. It has the ability to scan the shelves with its hi-tech sensor through 2D as well as 3D depth-detecting cameras. It also uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and barcodes for efficient inventory management and supply chain management in manual restocking duties.

Zenbo Robot

Zenbo robot is innovated to help people remember to complete daily tasks each day, especially for elderly people. It can also monitor the surroundings to detect any emergency case by connecting to smart devices such as CCTVs, door locks, and many more. Asus created this Zenbo robot to understand verbal commands from its user.

Delivery Droid Robot

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has instigated Cristina Borras to create a home-delivery robot for contactless deliveries of parcels in Australia. This robot is known as a delivery droid and has been successfully tested by the Australia Post with over 100 packages after sunset. The implementation of modern technology can help to avoid obstacles on its way on pavements.

Amazon Scout Robot

The pandemic has also motivated Amazon to produce delivery robots for efficient delivery services within a promised date. Scout robot is an electric cooler-sized rover to help in promoting contactless delivery during the pandemic. Amazon has successfully trialed the Scout robot in different US localities for a year. Six smart robots are operating in daylight working hours from Monday to Friday, only for Amazon Prime Members.

Digit Robot

Ford and the Agility Robotics team is set to launch Digit Robot as a delivery robot that can come in to get the package from autonomous self-driving cars to the doorstep of recipients. It consists of a humanoid aesthetic along with a bipedal design to carry parcels up to 40 pounds.

RoBeetle Robot

RoBeetle is a tiny robot, created by Nestor Perez-Arancibia, Xiufeng Yang, and Longlong Chang, that can be powered by methanol. This efficient beetle-like robot weighs just 88 milligrams with four legs— two fixed rear ones and two flexible front legs. Those two front legs are attached to the transmission to receive commands for movements. It can walk efficiently for a long time with an unexpected fuel source.

Care Robots

The demand for care robots is booming in Japan to take care of elderly or disabled patients with their daily routine— alarm for medication, emotional support, interactive sessions, and many more. These care robots also assist nurses and doctors in medical duties on an hourly basis.

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