Is Solana a Good Investment? Should I Buy Solana in 2024?

Is Solana a Good Investment? Should I Buy Solana in 2024?

Assessing Solana's investment potential in 2024: Factors, developments, and future outlook

Sol, the native digital asset of the Solana blockchain network, is known for its scalability and rapid transaction settlement, as well as adaptable functionality. However, with every promising asset, concerns must be raised regarding its possible investment profitability.  So, is Solana a good investment, and should you consider buying SOL in 2024? Let's consider the factors that may influence the Sol's investment prospects and opportunities.

What is Solana? Quick Glance

SOL is the currency that keeps the Solana blockchain network running. All transactions in the network are enabled by it to fuel and finance different activities. Its primary function lies in paying for transaction fees allowing users to engage in cheap and fast-paced peer-to-peer interactions. These two crucial drivers make it appealing compared to other cryptocurrencies, which suffer from the issues of scalability and their associated costs.

In addition to being used activating transactional, SOL holders are vital to the security and governance of the network. Holders stake their SOL they contribute to validating transactions and network security for which they earn sizable rewards in newly minted SOL tokens. This ensures that people not only act to secure the system through the stake but also helps to maintain the system's functionality. SOL holders also have a voice in the development direction of the system. They are allowed to vote on system propositions that shape the future direction and development of the Solana ecosystem.

Furthermore, SOL is not merely a currency for transaction processing and governance, but rather the fuel for smart contracts and Decentralized Applications when used in the Solana blockchain. By interacting with this system's distinct consensus procedure incorporating Proof of History and Proof of Stake, Solana consumes less energy in processing transactions than many blockchain systems, paving the path for a wide range of uses, including DeFi and NFTs. Given these capabilities and boundless application, SOL has the potential to emerge as a prominent candidate in the continually evolving blockchain landscape, as developers and users work together to determine the extent of its applications.

Overview of Solana's Price History

To answer the question "Is Solana a Good Investment?", first it is necessary to be familiar with the price history of the crypto coin. The history of Solana's price is reflective of the cryptocurrency market's dynamic make-up, as characterized by periods of extreme volatility interspersed with periods of fantastic growth and retracement. SOL had a meteoric rise in 2021, achieving about US$209 on the back of an increased interest in its scalable blockchain technology and an emerging DeFi and NFT reliant ecosystem. At the time, it shot to the highs of the cryptocurrency market, with a market cap of more than US$75 billion, indicating a potential future.

However, it is often the case with rapid gains, a correction is due. As such, by the end of 2022, SOL's price had dropped to a low of around US$9 or so, with its market cap also greatly dwindling. The price drop highlights the cryptocurrency market's essential volatility and high risk, where players need to be long-term excellent and resilient performers.

Despite a difficult 2022, Solana swiftly picked up from the lows. By 2023, the market cap had risen to about US$40 billion, with SOL demonstrating a strong recovery granted on a developing ecosystem and DeFi and NFT adoption in various sectors. The recovery sought to reaffirm investor confidence in Solana's potential and the leading role it would play in shaping the future of blockchain and its applications.

Other Major Recent Developments

Solana's recent trajectory comprises increased transaction activity, strategic partnerships, and community gatherings. All of these feature an ecosystem that appears to be thriving and destined to only see further growth and adoption.

Increased Transaction Activity and Fees:

Solana has seen a 417% increase in transaction fees or on-chain third-party financial activities. This has made the transactions more than the Binance Smart Chain and Tron, indicating that Sol committed to growing the platform users. The third-party financial activities on-chain are evidence of the network scalability to handle this kind of growth demand.

Rising Total Value Locked (TVL):

The notable growth in Solana's total locked value from US$3.36 to US$4.02 billion in one week indicates improved trust and investment in Solana. The increase shows that more assets are being locked into the various applications under the protocol, which means that both users and investors are highly engaging in the platform. With a 15% increase in SOL token prices, total locked value portrays high sentiments establishing a possibility of more growth in the protocol.

FTX Bankruptcy Auctions:

FTX auctions, the selling of the remainings of SOL, serve as a defining gauge of Solana's health. The results of these auctions will provide insights into investor sentiment and the perceived value of SOL tokens, potentially influencing market dynamics in the short term. Good returns are an assurance of prolonged trust whereas poor returns would send the opposite signal.

Solana Crossroads in Istanbul:

Solana Crossroads will be staged in Istanbul, It is a major opportunity for Solana to showcase what it has done so far and what to be expected. The trade fair will feature exhibitions and talks explaining and emphasizing the applications and what the future holds for those investing in its innovations.

Version 1.17.31 Update:

This recent release introduces improvements aimed at addressing persistent network congestion, notably by prioritizing transactions from validators with larger stakes. This way, the developers hope to unfold power that is more performant, which will eventually translate to a more transparent process of transaction. By creating advantages for people investing, it is incentivizing them to participate and enhance network security on larger scales, which eventually will lead to the network running more efficacies and exciting.

Stripe to Accept USDC Payments on Solana:

Stripe's decision to accept USDC payments on the Solana blockchain marks a significant integration that could catalyze mainstream adoption of Solana. By leveraging Solana's fast and low-cost transaction capabilities, Stripe aims to provide users with a seamless payment experience, potentially opening doors for greater usage of blockchain technology in everyday transactions. For Solana, this milestone proves justification of the network's capacity by tech giants, making it more suitable for usage in real-world applications.

Market Sentiment Surrounding Solana:

The market sentiment surrounding Solana is concentrated due to various factors, which has fuelled the potential for significant growth. Market researchers indicate that there is a reason to be bullish about the potential of Solana, with predictions that value could hit new all-time highs. The platform's advancement in technology, adoption rate and the maturity of the crypto market are the primary reasons for the optimism and answers the very first question in this article, "Is Solana a Good Investment?". The extra ordinary performance by Solana in comparison to leading cryptos, with Bitcoin and Ethereum, has made it a target of choice for institutional investors.

Furthermore, Solana has attracted individual retail investors who are looking to maximize their growth potential in the cryptocurrency industry. Additionally, Solana's involvement in the decentralized finance sector has immensely improved the market sentiment. Solana has the fastest transaction speeds and charges tiny fees, making it ideal for decentralized finance applications. Indeed, Solana is the future of finance since it enables the provision of multiple financial services. Nonetheless, there is a need for caution in with the market sentiment based on the challenges concerning regulatory issues. However, extra Solana regulatory scrutiny could help facilitate its adoption. Further, price dynamics based on Bitcoin and overall market sentiment continue to influence Solana trajectories, irrespective of its current price or future performance.

Upcoming Upgrades:

Solana network upcoming updates include:

Anchor Framework Updates:

Solana is poised to undergo the upgrade of the Anchor framework, which is an essential tool for connecting smart contracts to the Solana blockchain. These updates provide developers with alternative options to the Rust programming language and offer more flexibility and access to development of smart contracts. The intention behind the update is to improve the ability of developers to create sophisticated dApps, thus boosting more innovative solutions.

Integration with Other Platforms:

Additionally, in its roadmap, Solana plans to integrate with other blockchain networks, including Ethereum and Polygon. This integration will facilitate interoperability of ecosystems and enable users to transfer assets and perform activities on different platforms seamlessly. Solana aims to bridge with well-established and new platforms like Ethereum and Polygon to boost its utility and connectivity in the broader blockchain industry to allow cross-chain cooperation and expand to a larger and diverse user base.

Upcoming Version 1.18:

The next upcoming update in Solana, Version 1.18, will come with the main goal of ensuring a more deterministic network around transaction scheduling. Solana plans to improve the scheduling of transactions to ensure no more congestion in the network and a more predictable operation schedule. The intended improvements aim to enhance the network's performance and do away with congestion problems and improvement in efficiency and user experience and the platform's reliability and scalability.

Firedancer Validator Client:

Another upcoming exciting update in Solana's ecosystem is the integration of a new validator client known as the Firedancer being developed by Jump Crypto. The new validation client will have a diversified code base aimed at delivering performance benefits and reducing risks. Firedancer seeks to leverage advances in technology and best practices in validator client development to improve the security and efficiency of the Solana network, which will make Solana a better platform for decentralized apps and transactions of digital assets.

Future Outlook:

In 2024, Solana may hit a high of US$200 per SOL and could potentially garner an additional US$50 to US$250 by 2025. Solana's other longer-term technical indicators like 50, 100 and 200-day moving averages are in the buy zone; therefore, Solana is considered a good investment option in the medium-to-long term. The Solana Fear and Greed Index, which measures prevailing market sentiment, is currently in the "neutral" zone, i.e. between fear and greed. High transaction activities by large wallets and transactions could signify prevalent bullishness in the market.

Is Solana a Good Investment?

Should I Buy Solana in 2024? Solana appears to be a worthy investment in 2024 following its solid technical infrastructure, growing adoption and bullish markets. Solana, which boasts low transaction and highly active DApps, is among the few strong bull cases in the crypto space. Newer developments such as strategic partnerships, upgrades and high transaction activity signal a striving future of Solana. Although the market sentiment has a role to play. Beside that, the regulations, ongoing trends indices, and transaction affirm confidence in the crypto's attractive investment prospects in 2024.


1. How high will Solana go in 2024?

– Solana's price could reach a maximum of US$200 per SOL in 2024. Longer-term technical indicators like the 50, 100, and 200-day moving averages are in the buy zone for Solana, indicating a positive outlook in the medium to long term.

2. Is it worth buying Solana?

– Solana presents compelling investment potential in 2024, supported by its robust technological infrastructure, growing adoption, and positive market sentiment.

3. How high can Solana go in 2030?

– Widespread adoption and a flourishing ecosystem, which will significantly increase SOL's value to US$1,500 by 2030.

4. Is Solana safe long-term?

– The long-term outlook remains bullish, supported by its robust technological infrastructure, growing adoption, and positive market sentiment.

5. Can Solana reach US$1000?

– It is certainly possible. Solana has a number of factors in its favor, including Strong fundamentals. Solana is a well-designed blockchain with a strong team behind it. It has a high transaction throughput and low fees, which make it attractive to users and developers alike.

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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