Importance of Cybersecurity and its Various Impact on Distinct Industries

Importance of Cybersecurity and its Various Impact on Distinct Industries

The importance of cybersecurity is now being realized by various industries and leaders

By Age

Cyber security is a broad-spectrum phrase and relates to preventing any form of unauthorized access to a personal computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a major network like the national banking system or the railway network, or a national information technology asset that also has military implications. 

The findings in the survey revealed that the age group between 24-30 has the highest number of participants out of 268. On the basis of age, out of 268 respondents, 32.40% belonged to the 24-30 age group with the 18-24 age group in the second position with 26.50%. Tagging in the third position was the 31-40 age group with 19.10% and the fourth was the above 40 age group with 13.20%. It could be observed that the below-18 age group had the lowest number of respondents out of 268 with only 8.80%.

By Industry

Cybersecurity refers to protecting cyberspace including critical information infrastructure from attack, damage, misuse, and economic espionage. According to the survey with 268 respondents, the Banking, Finance & Insurance Industry and Information Technology and Software industry got the same number of respondents with 19.10%. While the next top industry was the Education industry at 14.70%, the next leading was again a tie of the Business industry and the Media & Entertainment industry with 11.80%. The next was the Healthcare industry with 7.40% followed by the student community with 5.90%. The agricultural industry got 4.40% of respondents whereas the Automobile industry and Construction industry both got the least number of respondents with 2.90%.

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