IBM Declares Hybrid Cloud as Key for Digital Transformation Opportunities

IBM Declares Hybrid Cloud as Key for Digital Transformation Opportunities

IBM declares hybrid cloud as a primary key to unlocking digital transformation opportunities

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is still in many businesses' transformation futures just because the cloud continues to upgrade. As a hybrid cloud is a mix and match of services from the public cloud, private cloud, and possibly data center, it carries the potential to easily integrate the advantages of all three infrastructures. This kind of infrastructure is flexible and scalable as the business enlarges as it was created especially to meet the demands of businesses.  Based on market research IBM declares the hybrid cloud as the key Solution for Digital Transformation Opportunities.

According to recent global market research by IBM, more than 77% of respondents, have embraced a hybrid cloud for digital transformation. However, the majority of responding firms are having difficulty coordinating the complexity of all their cloud settings. Based on the report IBM declares the hybrid cloud as the fundamental Key to digital transformation opportunities. As companies face skills gaps, security issues, and compliance barriers, less than one-quarter of respondents worldwide manage their hybrid cloud infrastructures comprehensively, which can produce blind spots and can put data at risk. To guide enterprises in mapping their digital cloud transformation and provide them the tools to assess their progress, IBM commissioned The Harris Poll to produce The IBM Transformation Index: State of Cloud. Businesses can utilize the Index to collect quantifiable indicators that can be useful for them to measure their success and identify areas for digital transformation opportunities and growth because it is developed on a foundation that makes use of the insights of seasoned cloud specialists.

To determine clearly where organizations are progressing or merely emerging on their transformation journeys, the Index surveyed more than 3,000 business and technology decision-makers from 12 countries and 15 industries, which includes financial services, manufacturing, government, telecommunications, and healthcare. According to Rick Villars, Group Vice President of Worldwide Research at IDC the main advantage of cloud computing for organizations is instant access to the cutting-edge tools, data sources, and applications required to manage current challenges and transform industries. A company must control hybrid cloud assets efficiently across numerous locations because no individual cloud can meet all of its needs.

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