IBM Acquires HashiCorp in Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Expansion

IBM Acquires HashiCorp in Multibillion-Dollar Cloud Expansion

The tech giant IBM acquires HashiCorp in multibillion-dollar cloud expansion

IBM and HashiCorp Inc., a multi-cloud infrastructure automation leader, announced via definite agreement yesterday which states IBM acquires HashiCorp Inc. for US$35 per share in cash, that will insinuate an enterprise value of US$6.4 billion. IBM acquires HashiCorp in multibillion-dollar cloud expansion, continue reading to get more information about this acquisition. HashiCorp products offer organizations a range of IaaS automation for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The IaaS enables organizations to manage their security lifecycle management and infrastructure lifecycle management in dream mode. Today's announcement is the model example of a true distributed, hybrid cloud, and AI-based processing that clients rely on the most.

Arvind Krishna, IBM chairman and chief executive officer, said, "Enterprise clients are wrestling with an unprecedented expansion in infrastructure and applications across public and private clouds, as well as on-prem environments. The global excitement surrounding generative AI has exacerbated these challenges and CIOs and developers are up against dramatic complexity in their tech strategies,". "HashiCorp has a proven track record of enabling clients to manage the complexity of today's infrastructure and application sprawl. Combining IBM's portfolio and expertise with HashiCorp's capabilities and talent will create a comprehensive hybrid cloud platform designed for the AI era."

The development of cloud-based workloads and applications has brought great changes in the number of cloud workloads that enterprises deal with on a daily basis. Furthermore, AI inference requests surge at par with normal computing and actual performance. Therefore, they are now faced with a variety of, no less dynamic and complex infrastructure methods that cannot be viewed easily as an end-to-end process pipeline, which is a massive challenge for big data implementers.

HashiCorp's technical components have the flexibility to support automation for critical use cases along with record keeping of the vital working process, the life cycle of the security, and the infrastructure needed for the hybrid cloud expansion operations model. Hashicorp's Terraform has the reputation of being the most widely adopted tool for infrastructure provisioning in such types of environments. Open-source and collaborative by nature, HashiCorp's offerings assist clients in taking a highly interoperable and cloud-agnostic multi-cloud approach, which adds yet another brick to IBM's initiative of working closely with hyperscale cloud providers, developer communities, and mix hybrid cloud implementations that support AI.

HashiCorp co-founder, Armon Dadgar said that "Our strategy at its core is about enabling companies to innovate in the cloud, while providing a consistent approach to managing cloud at scale. The need for effective management and automation is critical with the rise of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, which is being accelerated by today's AI revolution,"

Transaction Rationale

IBM's acquisition of HashiCorp achieved the final solution, creating a complete cloud platform for AI-driven complexity. The synergy of each partner's specific skill sets transforms clients' possibilities and powers them to cover a wide area, including tools, hardware, and network security management.

HashiCorp's acquisition is expected to generate significant synergies for IBM within core focus areas, like Red Hat, watsonx, data security, IT automation, and Consulting. As with the effective conjunction of the Ansible Automation Platform's administrative action and the complete automation by Terraform, the creation, and configuration of apps in a hybrid cloud would be simplified. The two companies expect a speedy upgrowth of HashiCorp's existing initiatives that are to be realized with the help of IBM's prominent go-to-market playbook, breadth, and reach being present in over 175 countries around the world.

With the acquisition, the organization will be able to present more complete hybrid and multi-cloud markets to its enterprise customers. HashiCorp's package, together with an underwriting of IBM as well as Red Hat, will allow clients to own a platform for automating the deployment and management of workloads on the scale of cloud service providers, on-premises IT environments, and private clouds. This will make the IBM cloud offering tackle the total cloud opportunity more efficiently, which, as indicated by the IDC study, had a total addressable market in 2023 valued at US$1.1 trillion with high CAGR figures through 2027.

As IBM Acquires HashiCorp, the deal will boost IBM's position as an industry leader over time by combining its strengths at the marketing and product levels. That is the case because it is most likely to deliver substantial near-term margin enlargement for the acquired business. The efficiency will be an added value. Due to the free cash flow in the second year, the deal is expected to be accretive to Adjusted EBITDA within the entire year after the close.

Hashicorp counts more than 4400 clients on its roster, and lists among these prominent are Bloomberg, Comcast, Deutsche Bank, GitHub, J.P Morgan Chase, Starbucks, and Vodafone. As IBM acquires HashiCorp, the prevalence of HashiCorp's offerings in the developer community and the usage of 85% of the Fortune 500 speaks volumes about the strong market base of the company. Their community products across infrastructure and security were downloaded more than 500 million times in HashiCorp's FY2024, including their community products across infrastructure and security.

Terraform: It is an organizational tool that allows them to train the workflow of cloud, private data center, and SaaS provisioning and continuously manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.

Vault: It is a tool used by organizations to ensure domain-based security. It works as a guard for automatic authentication and authorization of access to secrets and other sensitive data.

Additional products: These include the remote access Boundary, Consul service mesh, workload orchestration Nomad, code for image management using Packer, and internal developer platform, all Waypoint.

Transaction Details

Under the agreement terms, IBM will buy Hashicorp for US$35 per share in a cash deal, valuing the company at US$6.4 billion in cash enterprise value. IBM will buy HashiCorp with cash on hand.

IBM's and Hashicorp's Boards of directors have both given their consent for the deal. The purchase is subject to HashiCorp shareholders' opinions, regulatory permits, and customary closing conditions.

It is interesting to note that the biggest HashiCorp shareholders and investors, whose holdings comprise approximately 43% of voting rights related to HashiCorp's outstanding common stock, entered into a voting agreement with IBM. According to the agreement, each signed a pledge to vote all their common shares in favor of the transaction and against any other alternative transactions.

In addition, the closing date of the transaction is expected by the end of 2024, which means the seizure could be completed in the coming days.


IBM's acquisition of HashiCorp is a monumental strategic step in the billion-dollar multinational giant's efforts to dominate the cloud computing industry. By introducing HashiCorp's modern infrastructure automation offering into its product line, IBM aspires to enhance its facilities to deal with the diversity of cloud environments in a functional way and within a short timeframe. This acquisition not only helps IBM position itself in the dynamic cloud space but also gives the message that it should stay committed to exploring new options and solutions for world enterprises.


What makes IBM acquire HashiCorp?

Collaborating with IBM will make the HashiCorp products available to many users, allowing the company to have more users and customers. This collaboration will help customers and partners combine to exceed even more than a standalone company. The HashiCorp community has fueled our growth as a company.

What is HashiCorp popular for?

HashiCorp is a company that builds tools and products to assist developers, operators, and security professionals in provisioning, securing, running, and connecting cloud computing infrastructure. It was launched in 2012 by Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar.

What are IBM's recent acquisitions?

The Advanced acquisition is the first one, which will happen in 2024. On the flip side, an additional acquisition that is set to close in the second quarter is the €2.13 billion (US$2.33 billion) purchase of two platforms of Software AG in order to strengthen the data ingestion and integration management capabilities of Watsonx.

What is the first product of HashiCorp?

Vagrant is their first product, which simplifies the complex requirements of creating and managing development environments in the cloud. Over time, they have also developed other products that they claim simplify the cloud, such as Consul and Vault. Furthermore, Hashicorp provides products that facilitate the management of large-scale deployments.

Is HashiCorp a public or private company?

HashiCorp, the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software, declared the pricing of its initial public offering of 15,300,000 shares of its Class A common stock at a public offering price of US$80.00 per share.

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