How IT Technologies are Extending the Work From Home Scenario

How IT Technologies are Extending the Work From Home Scenario

What is more capable of being a life-changing event than the outbreak of a pandemic? The novel coronavirus has pushed us all into the house and made us lock ourselves tight inside. No more office work and continuous lockdown for months has plummeted the economy into a deep pit.

Things are changing in a wide range. The lifestyle of people and the working atmosphere is taking a u-turn with everyone stuck at home. To patch the gap between closed offices and compulsory deadlines, work from home concept got widely adopted. In the new change, Information Technology has been involved in every step.

Work from home is not an easy act. Companies had to go through a lot of changes and challenges before adapting to a new way of working. The whole functioning structure was changed through the process. Now since there is no way to put everything back on its place, work force is bringing in comfortable working circumstances with the help of IT. The IT industry and developing technologies are not really very easy to embrace as it involves technical changes. So the companies and its employees have to look at what is happening, what it means for the industry and how it can be accomplished using IT.

The current scenario of the workforce

The usual working habit has changed. The work from home initiative comes with both benefits and challenges. The schedule for work that is usually 8-10 hours per day and five days a week has switched to 24×7, which eventually makes the IT functionaries work overtime and extend its technological help whenever necessary without time concern. 

There is no assurance that night-shift employees' computer could function properly without any trouble. If it breaks down in the middle of the night, there is no quick remedy. The computer is not for personal use anymore; overnight it has turned to be a working PC or laptop. 

The pandemic has also made small companies think that they can work remotely with a good financial setup. Companies with employee strength less than 10,000 are likely to adopt remote work as it reduces the office space and the cost that follows. No more looking for office space, move buildings or worry about insurance in exchange for harder coordination. This is not an option but a compulsion where the IT and technology makes its entry.

Accepting the changes in work from home and adopting IT

Workforce needs a peaceful surrounding. People don't want VPNs or a special setup to connect in. The Management Service Provider (MSP) that manages company information technology services for other companies are highly at stake.

A cloud-based centralized platform is a quick solution to balance company works. They provide a predictable and reliable user experience at the expense of more cost for continued operations. Cloud-based platforms can work 24×7 and help all shift employees feature their work on a single line of work.

Due to increasing employees working on night shifts, the corporate help desk needs to be updated. MSPs will require either hiring up or outsourcing their help in the hours of operation. Companies are trying their best to get features and technologies around the clock with the changing work timing. The help desk in night shifts during tax season should remarkably be alert and ready to patch up a disaster if anything happens. Companies should plan for any unexpected situation and the employees should also be ready to overcome them alone.

MSPs and internal IT are the easy helping hands which provide consumption-based help desk offering during work from home circumstance caused by the pandemic. A lot of companies including tech giants with revenues worth trillions are planning to stagger their employees at home on the long run. By embracing IT, the professional environment could become easier.

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