Google’s News Plan with Tech, Quality, and Focusing on India

Google’s News Plan with Tech, Quality, and Focusing on India

Google's news strategy emphasizes quality improvement, technology adoption, and a focus on India

Storyboard18 recently interviewed Kate Beddoe, the Director of News Partnership for Google APAC (Asia-Pacific), during her visit to India. She talked about various aspects of Google's approach to news in the region. One of the main topics was Google's view on the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in news production. She said that generative AI was helping newsrooms to allocate more time for ground reporting, as they could reduce the time spent on the process. She also explained how generative AI technology could create high-quality and diverse content for different audiences and platforms.

Being in Delhi, Beddoe stated, "I am hearing that (generative AI) is allowing newsrooms to spend more time on activities like ground reporting because they are spending less time on the process."

The interview with Kate Beddoe also explored Google's initiatives to localize and personalize news content for the Indian context. She discussed how Google tailored its services to cater to the specific needs and interests of Indian readerships, such as language preferences, regional diversity, and topical relevance. She also highlighted how localization and personalization could improve the news consumption experience for Indian users, by providing them with more relevant and engaging content.

One of the important issues that Kate Beddoe addressed in the interview was Google's commitment to fighting misinformation. She shared insights into the strategies and tools that Google uses to verify information, promote reliable sources, and counter the spread of false or misleading content on its platforms. She explained how Google employs fact-checking, labeling, ranking, and removal mechanisms to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information that it provides to its users. She also emphasized how Google collaborates with news organizations, researchers, and civil society groups to combat misinformation and support media literacy.

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