End of Remote Work Era Due to the Looming Spector of Tech Layoffs

End of Remote Work Era Due to the Looming Spector of Tech Layoffs

Tech layoffs and remote work are now correlated, producing a unique impact on tech aspirants

Big tech companies like Twitter and Meta are focused on mass layoffs as economic constraints harden their grip on the big tech sector. The global tech ecosystem is on its way to revolutionizing global industries and societies. High coveted jobs in AI and big data are drastically affected due to the continuous tech layoffs. However, another aspect that is being affected by these constant tech layoffs is the new normal, i.e., remote work. Experts believe that the growing prominence of tech layoffs is bringing the remote work era to an end. During the Covid period, almost all global companies have been striving to inculcate efficiency in operations through the remote work system. Even though the Covid restrictions might have become flexible, there are still several companies across the globe that are following the mandatory protocols and are conducting work-from-home operations. However, tech predictions for 2023 claim that the end of the remote work era is near, and tech layoffs might be the reason.

It is needless to mention that the work-from-home feature was integrated out of necessity. However, this system had many flaws and a variety of problems, especially relating to data theft and communication. After a few months, when regulations became flexible, organizations made their processes flexible. A certain portion of the employees worked virtually while others were from the office. Even this led to massive problems in operations among teams. Employees were struggling to collaborate with those working at home over video and phone calls. With these growing issues and inactivity in operations, offices are slowly increasing the number of days employees should be working from offices.

How are Tech Layoffs Aiding in the Removal of Remote Work?

Currently, high-profile layoffs conducted by Twitter, Meta, and Amazon have become headlines in news channels. However, all these offices have been continuing hybrid 'back to office' requirements. Google started its hybrid work system of three days in the office per week back in April 2022, however, reports claim that managers in the domain wanted more work from office days meanwhile several other workers questioned the need for returning at all, voicing their objections during a company meeting.

Other tech giants like Microsoft and Apple have also been pushing out of the whole hybrid work system. However, with the increasing number of layoffs, more and more departments of these companies are reducing work-from-home policies.

Will the incoming Covid wave impact these ongoing trends?

The public markets have been hit hard in 2022, due to the economic and financial turmoils. With the incoming Covid wave, experts believe that the market will implode as we face similar situations in 2020 and 2021. Tech layoffs will increase and the mass volume of unemployed will soar dramatically. However, if need be, companies might have to once again follow the traditional Covid protocols.

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