Deep Learning Books vs Deep Learning Channels- Which Choice to Make!

Deep Learning Books vs Deep Learning Channels- Which Choice to Make!

Deep Learning Books vs Deep Learning Channels- Which Choice to Make!

Deep Learning has emerged as a powerful tool that uses artificial Neural Networks with multiple layers across multiple domains to understand complex patterns from enormous datasets, learning from each interaction. There is a plethora of resources available in the form of books and videos that guide you to learn deep learning applications, deep learning concepts, and techniques.

Deep Learning with Python by François Chollet

Francois Chollet provides detailed explanations of deep learning, and examples of coding based on TensorFlow, Python, and Keras. This book offers real-world examples with in-depth concepts of deep learning. Deep Learning with Python is one of the best books for beginners and experienced AI professionals.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning by Charu C. Aggarwal

Neural Networks and Deep Learning offer techniques of deep learning and neural network introduction. This book will help the learners to have a strong foundation of deep learning principles providing practical applications of deep learning. Charu C Aggarwal teaches learners about optimization algorithms, convolutional networks, regularization techniques, recurrent networks, and feedforward networks.

Deep Learning for Dummies by John Paul Mueller & Luca Massaron

Providing knowledge on Deep Learning, Deep Learning for Dummies covers topics such as deep reinforcement learning, neural networks, recurrent networks, and convolutional networks. The book focuses on offering deep learning techniques and principles to beginners. This book provides applications of deep learning in the real world and hands-on experiences.

With the increasing demand for Deep Learning, there are various videos provided by YouTube channels that offer thorough knowledge on Deep Learning:


This YouTube channel teaches you topics including recurrent neural networks, backpropagation, and convolutional neural networks. Beginners can get a thorough knowledge about deep learning through its engaging video.


Learners will learn about Keras, TensorFlow, and PyTorch through this channel. Sentdex provides videos on just on deep learning but also on data science and machine learning.

Siraj Raval

Offering tutorials on deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Siraj Raval provides videos on natural language processing, neural networks, and reinforcement learning. With engaging videos, the YouTuber teaches deep learning.

Deep Learning Books or Deep Learning Channels – Which one is best

Deep Learning Books provide theoretical knowledge about the concepts and techniques of deep learning while Deep Learning channels offer comprehensive guidance about the real-world applications of deep learning with a practical approach. If you prefer reading books for gaining knowledge on deep learning then deep learning books are the best option for you but if you enjoy learning from interactive visual content that provides thorough guidance, then YouTube channels are the best one to opt for.

Moreover, if you opt to learn from both Deep learning books and YouTube channels then you get in-depth knowledge on every topic of deep learning and also will get to know the different approaches provided by different writers and YouTubers. So, I would suggest to go for both

Moving forward, both Deep learning books and channels have their strengths, and leveraging them you get thorough guidance on Deep Learning. Also, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends in artificial intelligence and opt for continuous learning.

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