China is in Full Terminator Mode with its Drone-Driven Robot Dog!

China is in Full Terminator Mode with its Drone-Driven Robot Dog!

A drone-driven robot dog is ready to eliminate its target and take on the enemies

A robot attack dog that can be dropped off by a drone is one of the latest military technologies that a Chinese military contractor has demonstrated in a video that is terrifying the internet. The drone-driven robot dog is mounted with a machine gun and can be deployed via drone.

According to a New York Post investigation, the video was made available on the official Weibo account of "Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing," a page connected to a Chinese military contractor. It depicts the robot dog being dropped off by the drone on a building's top. The dog is seen standing up on its four legs and scanning the area for potential prey after the drone takes off.  China's drone-driven robot dog has a weapon mounted on its back to eliminate the targets or take on the enemies. The robot can also be placed on the rooftops and work with military troops.

According to the Post story, the Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing weapon can "launch a surprise attack," according to a description that was posted on a Chinese social media platform.

"Air assault, war dogs coming out of the sky, and Red Wing Combat robot dogs are delivered by forward heavy-duty drones. They can be positioned on the opponent's roof to hold the commanding heights and reduce weaponry, or they can be dropped into the weak spot behind the adversary to launch a surprise attack. Additionally, ground forces can launch a three-dimensional pincer attack against the adversary inside the structure ", according to the New York Post description written in English.

The Chinese QBB-97 light machine gun, according to the military website, may be the weapon. The remarkable weapon can fire 650 rounds per minute and has an effective range of 400 meters.

The dog reminds people of the "Metalhead" episode from the fourth season of Netflix's "Black Mirror," in which a lady struggles to escape from deadly robot dogs.

Kestrel has experience working with robotic dogs before. The business also tested a robot dog that could carry a weapon launcher in August.

The US has also figured out how to equip robot dogs with weapons. One company, Ghost Robotics, displayed a robot with a rifle in October 2021.

In April 2021, the New York Police Department also employed robot dogs, but without guns. After receiving criticism from the public, Boston Dynamics' Digidog service was discontinued in May 2021.

However, China seems to have a genuine soft spot for robotic dogs. Numerous robot dogs were spotted performing a collective dance in August during the nation's Robot Expo, which featured a lot of hopping and paw-shaking.

During Shanghai's COVID-19 lockdown in March, robot dogs were also seen wandering the streets. One dog padded across the neighborhood with a megaphone strapped to its back, announcing instructions for the lockdown.

Vladimir Putin might unleash his favorite "war toys" on Ukraine, according to rumors that circulated earlier this year.

Flying Kalashnikovs, paratrooper dogs, and robot tanks are just a few of the high-tech weapons in the deadly arsenal of the Russian commander. It happens at the same time as elite paratroopers were seen moving close to the border amid worries that an army campaign to capture Kyiv is underway.

A train traveling west through the Bryansk region, which borders both Belarus and Ukraine, and heading towards the potential conflict zone was seen carrying the Russian crack troops and their equipment. The Kremlin has already sent nearly 130,000 military soldiers to its former Soviet allies' northern and eastern regions.

Putin has been warned by Boris Johnson that any such invasion will result in fierce guerilla warfare, and Nato is keeping jets on alert while US President Joe Biden considers sending 50,000 of his troops.

Putin, a former KGB operative, might thus choose to use some unusual weapons to gain the upper hand. The first autonomous driverless robot tanks in the world, according to Russian scientists, are equipped with sensors, rocket launchers, machine guns, and flamethrowers and can destroy enemy trench positions.

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