Boston Dynamics: Dancing Robots are Grooving to Different Genres

Boston Dynamics: Dancing Robots are Grooving to Different Genres

Dancing robots from Boston Dynamics are going viral on social media platforms for their realistic grooving to different genres

We are used to watching the usual robotic walk or the traditional robotic dance steps on television for many years. Now with the enhancement of AI-based technologies, we are excited to watch dancing robots grooving to different genres with humanistic moves. Yes, Boston Dynamics has once again surprised the audience with their three favorite AI robots having the best robot dance in recent years.

Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 specialized in a series of three mobile AI robots popularly known as Spot, Atlas, and Handle. These three robots have shot less than three minutes of robot dance video grooving to the 1962 hit "Do you love me?" by The Contours. It is unbelievable that this mesmerizing video has attracted more than 30 million views in the first week.

Atlas, two humanoid robots, Spot, a dog-like yellow robot, and Handle is an ostrich-like mobile robot that is continuously showcasing various kinds of activities efficiently and effectively with multi-agility and proper guidance.

Why is the AI robot dance video going viral?

The robot dance video started with a solo performance of Atlas where the robot is grooving with classic moves like twirls, jumps, shuffles, mashed potato and runs elegantly then later joined by Spot dancing like a ballerina with bobs and twists, and Handle has a brief cameo in this video with moving boxes in the warehouse, rolls across the scene and bobs up and down. The AI robots have explosive and expressive motions mimicking the humanistic facial moves.

The high-quality video has surprised many viewers who applauded the humanistic dance moves by the robots. The video had a description— to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year. The ground-breaking video has received a large audience due to the perfect combination of old-school music with AI-based technology. Atlas, Spot, and Handle have diverse fan range from grandparents to babies who love to watch the video on repeat mode.

There are some difficulties to tackle dancing robots, which motivated Boston Dynamics to enhance the motion-programming tools with the updated training given by the choreographer, Monica Thomas. The AI robots generated new humanistic dance steps due to the integration of effective rapid generation tools into the performance. The amazing viral robot dance video is the result of the tough constant choreography, simulation, and programming updates for almost one and a half years. The video is successful in showing the AI robots have impressive stabilization skills and coordination among the neural networks.

Boston Dynamics has already started selling Spot to the public by promoting that Spot can adapt to diverse tasks range from industrial inspections to entertainment. Thus, the dancing robots possess engineering excellence and classic grooving moves.

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