Best visualizations featured on Tableau Public

Best visualizations featured on Tableau Public

Big data has become a critical ingredient for businesses dealing with large volume of data. Once you translate the data into insights, it can help you spot trends, identify new opportunities, and make better business decisions. One of the best ways to spot trends is to generate visual insights. Visualization helps in uncovering surprising patterns and observations that would not be apparent from looking at statistics and data. One would require good visualization tools to generate interesting stories out of massive data.

Tableau is undoubtedly the best visualization tool used by companies globally. In this article, I will showcase some of the best visualization examples from across the web created with Tableau Public. Here they go.

#1. Save the Big Cats

Author: Deron Hayes-Hirschy

#2. Padron Nominal 2017

Author: OGEI – Ministerio de Salud

#3. Daylight Duration

Author: Yvan Fornes

#4. Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the EU

Author: Content Services

#5. Roger Federer's Career

Author: Shaunak Ponkshe

#6. Tourism in Portugal

Author: David Pires

#7. Elementary school student enrollment trends in South Korea

Author: SeungilKang

#8. History of the World

Author: Timothy Vermeiren

#9. GitHub Repository Analysis

Author: Donne Martin

#10. Premier League Top Scorers

Author: Ben Davis

These are some of the visualizations handpicked by us from Tableau Public. You can see how these visuals create amazing stories from data and communicate an important message to users. A good visualization makes the data easy to understand and comprehend. These visualizations will surely stay in our minds than retention for numbers and statistics. As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words", one cannot disagree with it? That is the power of visualization.

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