Applications of Machine Learning That You Never Knew Before

Applications of Machine Learning That You Never Knew Before

Explore the Machine learning applications that you've never known before

Machine learning is an arm of artificial intelligence and computer science that deals with using data and algorithms to make AI function such that it can act the way that humans learn, and take actions, gradually improving its process.

Machine learning has helped many sectors widely in terms of professional operations and their everyday lifestyle impacting industries and lives with dynamic applications involving various technologies. Hence, ML has seen breakthroughs in expansion.

In this article we will look at some real-world instances of machine learning applications and how they contribute to the development of better technology to improve the quality of our lives. Let's get started with applications of machine learning that you might escape knowing:

Better elder care

Better elder care is one of the interesting applications of machine learning which helped many old-aged people. As they find challenging doing their regular tasks.  Many people depend on outside aid to care for their aging activities. Families all over the world are becoming increasingly concerned about finding and taking time out of their busy schedules—even though they want to! But they are worried about elders and their daycare. AI-powered in-home robots are the answer. 

These robots can assist the elderly with daily duties, helping them remain independent and at home and enhancing their overall health. One such example is ElliQ by Intuition Robotics. This virtual home assistant for older people provides daily assistance, monitoring, and more.


Isn't it shocking that ML is not only used for smart industries to make things smarter, but it has also invented ideas beyond the agriculture industry to produce high-quality food using machine learning? Also, it is used to find accurate and effective farming with minimal labor. Machine learning provides priceless crop-related information and suggestions so that farmers can prevent losses.

Additionally, the uses of machine learning in agriculture are:

  • Monitoring and management of crop
  • Yield optimization
  • Predictive analytics for Precision agriculture
  • Livestock monitoring and management
  • Optimization in the supply chain
  • Managing Crops and Disease Detection
  • Market forecasting price prediction

Let us surf on other applications of ML more:

Public sector

Wonder how Machine learning is playing its major role in the public sector? Here is another interesting application among the applications of machine learning. ML is obliging authorities to manage and track the huge volume of data collected by public surveillance systems. It is seen that Law enforcement organizations use real-time data analysis to track abnormalities and dangers to hunt down criminals and missing children.

As a result, it has become easier to detect cases of questionable online behavior. ML smoothly tackles predictive analytics, permitting government bodies to forecast trends and outcomes based on historical data.

Product recommendations

Machine learning is widely used in various e-commerce and entertainment sites like Amazon, Netflix, etc., for product recommendations to its users. Whenever we search for some product on Amazon, then we start getting an advertisement for the same product while internet surfing on the same browser, and in other social apps, and this is because of machine learning.

Online Fraud Detection

Though we know that we are secured by our online transactions with many technologies there, but wonder how ML? This is where ML plays the major role as it helps in detecting fraudulent accounts during transactions. Whenever we do online transactions, there may be many ways that a fraud transaction can happen such as fake accounts, fake IDs, and stealing money in the middle of a transaction. So, to detect this, the Feed Forward Neural network in ML helps us by checking whether it is a genuine transaction or a fraud.

Here we have listed only a few interesting applications of  ML that you might not be aware of or not aware of their usage in real-time, which is all around us. ML has created a lot of impact on the real world, look how ML has made our lives so hassle-free. More applications are out and will be out there that use ML or aiming to use ML to create more innovative solutions.

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