Amazon Web Services Vs Azure: The Best Cloud Stock to Buy for 2022

Amazon Web Services Vs Azure: The Best Cloud Stock to Buy for 2022

Look at the comparative analysis between Amazon Web services and Azure before investing in the cloud wars 

The dilemma of which cloud stock to buy is based on the fight of being the best cloud service provider between the two giants in the computing world, Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. 

Amazon Web Services has built up an edge in the billion-dollar cloud computing market, a sector that is attracting key providers who are aiming to dominate the space amid increasing adoption as other providers attempt to catch up. Data presented by Finbold indicates that Amazon's AWS accounts for the largest share of cloud infrastructure service providers at 33%. Microsoft's Azure platform ranks second with a share of 21%, followed by Google Cloud at 10%.

While AWS is the largest player in the market at this point, Microsoft Azure is growing relatively rapidly. The AWS solution has dominated the US, South America, most of Europe, India, and plenty of other smaller regions. Microsoft Azure is quite prominent in Northern Europe in the Scandinavian region, as well as Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Portugal.

AWS' revenue is not only growing, but its growth has also accelerated. Its current stock price is US$3,055.70, which is 0.71% up from the previous close. Azure's current stock price is US$15.27, 0.33% down from the previous close. But it does not necessarily mean Azure's growth is not accelerating. Microsoft's Azure Cloud has operating margins slightly better than AWS. 

AWS and Azure are both experiencing revenue growth year over year. In a given quarter, AWS and Azure have shown an increase in the amount they earn compared to the same quarter from the previous year. The cloud services they provide are of high standards, but they all have their pros and cons. It is all dependent on your choice and you need to decide which one is better for cloud stock investment. 

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