A Run-down of Toughest IT Jobs to Fill at Any Organization in 2021

A Run-down of Toughest IT Jobs to Fill at Any Organization in 2021

Organizations find it extremely challenging to pick out the right person for the toughest IT jobs to fill

As the world faces a technology boom with every passing day, it is increasingly becoming critical for tech companies to fill IT jobs. Remarkably, many IT jobs in 2021 are well paying. For example, professions in the data science field are never dying out from the trend with many data scientists earning a handful. But as technology evolves, more unique and highly skilled IT jobs are in high demand. This is one of the greatest perks of the tech industry. If you have the right talent and skill, tech companies will compete to hire you instead of you knocking at the organization's door. But despite the massive number of people trying their career in IT jobs, companies still find it hard to fill some positions. Organizations and recruiters find it extremely challenging to pick out the right person for the toughest IT jobs to fill. Besides, as the capabilities of technologies expand, tech companies change the description of IT jobs, increase their responsibilities, and pump up their importance. This puts the aspirants at the critical corner yet again. Therefore, Analytics Insight has listed the toughest IT jobs to fill in 2021 to portray a clear view for both aspirants and tech companies.

Top Toughest IT Jobs to Fill

Cybersecurity Consultant

Hardly a day passes without reporting a security breach. On the one hand, technology usage has drastically surged, allowing people to minimize their workload. On the other hand, it has opened the digital space for more cybersecurity breaches. The high number of malware attacks have surged the need for cybersecurity professionals, especially, someone like a Cybersecurity Consultant. Cybersecurity Consultants devise cybersecurity strategies for companies and help them encrypt their devices and data from falling victim to attacks. Cybersecurity qualifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) are always in high demand. Most companies prefer to conduct exams and tests before recruiting a Cybersecurity Consultant.

Cloud Architect

After the breakdown of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed, many organizations across the globe have started working through remote mode. One of the major things they relied on while shifting to the virtual model of working is cloud computing. Cloud architecture made companies and employees connect with each other and share information and documents in a disruptive mode seamlessly. However, the rise in cloud usage has also increased the need for cloud professionals like cloud architects. Cloud architects encompass applications, resources, and services that are made n demand from the cloud to enhance data storage and computing power. The moderate the total functionalities of a cloud environment.

Specialized Programmer

Specialized Programmer is someone who is well-versed in understanding the demands of a user. He/she should come out with disruptive programming options that help address the users' concerns. They should be able to work on mobile applications and operating systems with the device drivers. The extraordinary thing about Specialized Programmer is that they understand the commonalities of programming and develop specialized applications for the needy. Besides, other programmers like mobile application programmers are also n high demand in the market.

Software Architect

Software Architects are like rare gems in the tech sphere. Especially, Software Architects with advanced technical skills and an eye to envision future outcomes are very peculiar to find. Generally put, a software architect is a computer programmer or a software developer who determines which processes and technologies the development team should use. In a nutshell, they devise the success strategy of the company with tech tools. They also troubleshoot coding problems and collaborate with other experts to produce high-performance software systems.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineering came to existence only in 2012 when the demand for a professional to devise strategies for the development operations team surged. DevOps Engineers help the development operations teams to collaborate and work together with other teams in the company to speed up productivity. In order to maintain a balance in the software development process, DevOps Engineers leverage processes, methodologies, as well as tools. Unfortunately, despite the evolution prolonging for a decade now, DevOps professionals are still in high demand and the shortage in the job market is no joke.

Systems Analyst

Although most companies frame Systems Analyst as someone who sits at a computer and sort out issues, many organizations are growing to put out special demands for them. A Systems Analyst is somebody who connects the technological dots in an organization like building a custom application or implementing an off-the-shelf package. They help devise a business-oriented and technology-based strategy to sort out issues. As the demand grows, companies are looking out for Systems Analyst professionals who can handle the network, install servers, or implement software for their working system.

UX Designer

Design thinking is a trailblazing mindset that not everybody can get easily. Similarly, the UX Designer profession is something that only people who are both goods at creativity and technology can come around with. They assist use experience in breaking down large and complicated problems into component parts, some of which may be unknown issues in terms of developing products. They infuse their design thinking methodology to solve production problems.

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