7 Ways Conversational AI Benefits The Automobile Industry

7 Ways Conversational AI Benefits The Automobile Industry

Conversational AI has made its way with much grandiosity into the automobile industry. This comes in handy as far as lead generation, car discovery, or more are concerned. Customers love the way conversational AI has enhanced their experience of owning a car. Now, you can also get progressive auto insurance quotes with the help of AI.

Conversational AI utilizes tools such as Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and more. Studies suggest that conversational AI has been able to reduce operations costs by up to 70% and prompted revenue generation. The increasing number of users, especially in the automobile sector, suggests that conversational AI is the future. Also, it is here to stay with us for a long time.

Here are a few benefits of conversational AI that have revolutionized the automobile industry.

  • Lead generation and retaining: The chatbots are intelligent to determine repeat customers and new ones. In fact, they even start a conversation with potential leads and customers only to try and seal the deal by providing detailed information that the customer wants. Statistics suggest that the global market of marketing automation tools that aid conversational AI is set to reach $23 billion by 2023. The best part is, that even when a customer is offline, the chatbots disseminate information to customers or even receive complaints 24*7.
  • Customer engagement: Chatbots powered by AI increase the company to customer interaction. Hence, customer involvement also increases with better operations efficiency. Avira from Morris Garage, India, has enabled customers to know about their newly launched cars. In fact, they can even book a test drive. Yes, the yellow.ai-powered chatbot is super-efficient in helping customers assist with whatever they need.
  • 100% customer support: The job of chatbots does not end with the sealing of the deal. After the purchase, the bots interact with customers asking them about their experience or issues (with the product). The support remains active round the clock making it super convenient for the company and the customers.
  • Complete assistance: Potential customers looking for information to complete their purchase receive what they need. The chatbots share information about new launches, discounts, deals, and more so that customers can benefit the most and have full knowledge of what they're walking into. Transparent assistance in the form of notifications through social media messages, emails, regular SMS, and more make it convenient for customers to decide wisely.
  • Getting feedback from customers: The chatbots collect customer feedback through customer surveys, usability tests, interviews with customers, social media platforms, reviews, on-site engagement, and more. These responses provide insights into how clients feel about the company's products. The AI offers solutions just like a human does, and that too pretty fast. The efficiency of a bot is way more than that of a human. This attribute makes a customer happy.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customers feel privileged because, with AI, the waiting time reduces manifold. Any basic query from the customer about the company's product is answered by the chatbot. In fact, conversational AI can even offer personalized information suitable for a specific customer based on their purchase history. Also, there's no tolerance threshold… wondering what that is? Unlike human customer support executives, AI never gets impatient or upset with so many questions. AI can work relentlessly, and the consistency of work remains the same. Using AI never poses problems related to data leaks. Hence, 100% customer satisfaction is ensured.
  • Superb documentation and fastest delivery notifications: The documentation process is a tedious task simplified by AI. It incorporates techniques such as table parsing, using the auto ML model for processing, invoice parsing, form parsing, and more. AI reviews the database to find each individual's information to send them delivery updates, service appointment reminders, and more. Customers also receive delivery notifications helping them to stay updated at all times. The whole process moves faster with AI's intelligent assistance.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, conversational AI's expert advice regarding spotting the nearest charging station, finding the service station nearby, fetching the details of tow truck drivers, and more help customers find respite from unpleasant situations. Without AI, none of these things were ever possible. More and more companies are incorporating conversational AI into their systems to take customer experience to the next level.

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