10 Popular Data Center Service Providers Worldwide

10 Popular Data Center Service Providers Worldwide

Learn about the features, benefits, and challenges of each data center provider

Data centers are centralized information storage facilities. They include server farms and networking technology for storing, managing, and distributing massive amounts of data for customers. Services provided by Data center service may include data warehousing, data insights, data storage, etc.

1. Equinix: Equinix was established in 1998. Its corporate offices are in Redwood City, California, in the United States. As of 2017, the business employed 7273 people and offered services to 24 nations, including the USA and the UK. With 12 more being added, it has a massive global network of 202 data centers.

2. Digital Realty: San Francisco, California, in the United States, is where Digital Realty's headquarters are located. In addition to operating in 14 countries, the corporation has approximately 1530 workers and 214 data centers.

3. China Telecom: One of the biggest global suppliers of data center services are China Telecom. With its primary offices in Beijing, it was established in 2002. Although though the corporation only offers its services in ten countries, it supports mainland China with more than 456 data centers. 287,076 people work for the company.

4. NTT Communications: Tokyo, Japan serves as the home base for NTT Communications, which was established in 1999. The corporation operates in 17 countries and owns 48 data centers in total. In the world, it employs close to 310,000 people.

5. Telehouse/KDDI: Telehouse/KDDI is a merger of two businesses. While Telehouse was founded in 1988, KDDI was established in 1953. For the first, in Tokyo, and for the second, in London. They have 40 data centers in total and operate in 12 different countries. 35,000 people work for them worldwide.

6. Coresite: Coresite was established in 2001 and is based in Denver, Colorado in the United States. Almost 454 people work there. It currently has 22 data center facilities distributed across 8 different countries.

7. Verizon: Verizon was established in 1983 and has its US headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Over 139,400 people work for the company. Its services are available in approximately 150 countries, and it has close to 40 data centers.

8. Cyxtera Technologies: Cyxtera was established in 2017 and is based in Coral Gables, Florida, in the United States. It operates in 9 countries and has around 1150 employees. There are 60 data centers for it worldwide.

9. China Unicom: Beijing is home to China Unicom, which was established in 1994. It operates 550 data centers and employs about 246,299 people. Hong Kong and mainland China are the two main markets that the company services.

10. Amazon Web Services: As a division of Amazon, Amazon Web Services was established in 2006. Almost 25,000 people work for it; its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, in the US. There are 116 data centers for it worldwide.

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