10 Best Free Python Courses You Can Take Online

10 Best Free Python Courses You Can Take Online

These are the 10 free python courses to take online

Python, often regarded as a versatile and powerful programming language, has become an indispensable tool in various industries, from software development to data analysis and machine learning. The accessibility of free online courses has democratized learning, allowing enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals to expand their Python skills at no cost.

In this digital era, numerous online platforms offer an array of free Python courses, each designed to cater to different skill levels and learning styles. From foundational concepts to advanced applications in data science and beyond, these courses provide a comprehensive understanding of Python's capabilities. Therefore, this article explores the top 10 free Python courses available online, offering a diverse range of opportunities for anyone seeking to enhance their Python proficiency. Dive into this compilation to uncover an array of learning resources that can pave the way to mastering Python, regardless of your current expertise.

1. Coursera's "Python for Everybody" by the University of Michigan

Coursera is an online learning platform offering a wide array of courses, including "Python for Everybody" by the University of Michigan. This beginner-friendly course covers Python basics, data handling, and web scraping. Through video lectures and hands-on exercises, learners gain practical programming skills.

Overview of the course and its target audience (beginners, non-programmers)

Highlight key features, such as the comprehensive syllabus and practical assignments

Discuss the benefits and any limitations based on user reviews or expert opinions

2. Codecademy's Python Course

Codecademy is an interactive online platform providing the "Python Course" for beginners. This self-paced course offers hands-on Python learning. With step-by-step guidance, it covers Python syntax, functions, control flow, and more. Through coding exercises and projects, learners gain practical programming experience.

Discuss Codecademy's interactive approach to learning Python

Detail the specific topics covered and the hands-on nature of the course

Include any standout features that set this course apart

3. edX's "Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner" by Microsoft

edX, a renowned online learning platform, hosts the "Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner" course by Microsoft. Ideal for novices, it covers Python essentials with a focus on hands-on learning. Learners explore fundamental concepts and practical exercises, building a solid foundation in Python programming.

Present the course structure and its beginner-friendly approach

Explain the learning resources offered and the support from Microsoft

Mention any distinctive elements of this course

4. Udemy's "Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3"

Udemy hosts the "Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3" course. This comprehensive offering suits learners at all levels. With practical exercises, it covers Python basics to advanced topics like OOP, web scraping, and more, providing a well-rounded Python learning experience.

Highlight the comprehensive nature of the course

Discuss the course's suitability for learners at different levels

Review the course's popularity and the experiences of past students

5. MIT OpenCourseWare's "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python"

MIT OpenCourseWare offers "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python." This course, backed by MIT's excellence, delves into programming principles using Python. It covers topics such as algorithms, data structures, and problem-solving, making it suitable for those aspiring to enhance their programming skills.

Discuss the credibility and rigor of this course from MIT

Highlight the depth of content and the institution's prestige

Explain who the course is best suited for and any prerequisites

6. Google's Python Class

Google's Python Class provides a self-paced tutorial on Python programming. Designed for novices, it includes short instructional videos, coding exercises, and supplementary resources. With a focus on simplicity, the class offers fundamental Python knowledge, making it an accessible starting point for beginners.

Outline the self-paced structure and lessons available

Discuss the practical exercises and resources provided by Google

Mention any unique aspects or areas where it stands out

7. Kaggle's "Python"

Kaggle's "Python" course is tailored for aspiring data scientists. It covers Python basics for data analysis and machine learning. With a practical approach and real-world examples, learners gain hands-on experience in utilizing Python for data manipulation, statistical analysis, and building machine learning models.

Focus on how this course caters to aspiring data scientists

Detail the emphasis on Python for data analysis and machine learning

Highlight any practical projects or case studies offered

8. SoloLearn's Python Course

SoloLearn's Python Course offers a mobile app for learning Python conveniently on-the-go. This interactive and bite-sized course provides fundamental Python knowledge. Through quizzes, code challenges, and a vibrant community, learners can grasp Python syntax and gain a basic understanding of programming.

Discuss the convenience of this course available through an app

Highlight the ease of learning and interactive nature of the lessons

Include any distinguishing factors or user experiences

9. DataCamp's "Introduction to Python"

DataCamp's "Introduction to Python" course is designed for individuals seeking to work with data. It covers Python essentials, focusing on practical applications for data analysis. With interactive exercises and projects, learners acquire skills in data manipulation, visualization, and analysis using Python.

Emphasize the practical knowledge provided, specifically for working with data

Discuss any interactive elements or projects included in the course

Highlight any unique selling points compared to other courses

10. LinkedIn Learning's "Learning Python" by Joe Marini

LinkedIn Learning's "Learning Python" course, led by Joe Marini, caters to beginners and intermediate learners. It covers core Python concepts, offering a comprehensive understanding of the language. Through video lessons and practical exercises, students gain proficiency in Python for diverse applications in software development and data analysis.

Discuss the course content and the expertise of the instructor

Mention the different learning resources and formats available

Include any standout features or benefits mentioned by past learners


Summarize the key points of the article, reiterating the significance of Python and the accessibility of these top 10 free courses. Encourage readers to explore these resources based on their learning preferences and goals. This outline provides a structure for the article, allowing you to explore each course's key features, audience, and any distinctive factors that set them apart.

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