10 AWS Services that every Data Engineer should know in 2024

10 AWS Services that every Data Engineer should know in 2024

10 AWS Services that Every Data Scientist Must Learn in 2024

Data engineering has become the fundamental pillar for students who have completed their graduation in Data Science and Analytics by combining the knowledge of data technology and data governance. Data engineers crafted pipelines, the structural frameworks for modern data analytics, enabling smooth data formation and analysis. As a data engineer, one needs to meet numerous requirements for the creation of a data pipeline. This is one of the reasons for the invention of AWS data engineering tools, which makes it simple to build data pipelines. Let's have a brief discussion about the 10 AWS services that a data engineer should acquire.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (AmazonS3) is a data lake that can store high volumes of data from any internet stream. Data Engineers choose this service because it is quick, affordable, and flexible. They can duplicate the data across countless zones. With the help of AmazonS3, data engineers can create web-based solutions automatically and have durable setups.

Amazon Kinesis

Compared to other services, Amazon Kinesis provides abundant services for collecting and analyzing data in real-time. Data Engineers utilize this service to create new streams, particularly those with specific requirements, and start streaming data. Supported by Amazon Kinesis, engineers can acquire and analyze data instantly.

AWS Glue

AWS Glue is a wholly overseen ETL (extract, transform, and load) service for effectively and affordably preparing, making strides, and moving information between diverse information stores and information streams. Information engineers may analyze and handle the info intelligently utilizing AWS Stick Intelligently Sessions. Information engineers can outwardly create, run, and screen ETL workflows in AWS Stick Studio with a few clicks. AWS Glue is one of the popular AWS services in 2024.

AWS CloudWatch

With the assistance of AWS CloudWatch, one can consolidate all of your framework, application, and AWS service logs into a single, profoundly versatile service. Data engineers can find the logs for the administrations they run in CloudWatch, and keeping an investigative log while creating is advantageous. Engineers can plan the administrations they need to dispatch within a particular time frame utilizing CloudWatch Occasions.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a petabyte-scale data Analytics warehouse cloud service that empowers you to use your information and find new perceptions around your clients and organization. Data engineers can acquire experiences from data with Redshift Serverless by effectively bringing in and questioning information in the data distribution center.

Amazon IAM

AWS Identity and Access Management is a trendy AWS service that allows users to control their route to AWS sources. Generally, this service provides elements for managing authorizations for actions against AWS services, such as Amazon Sage Maker and AmazonS3.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing AWS service that executes your code in reaction to occasions and effortlessly oversees the fundamental computing assets. Lambda is essential when collecting crude information. Data engineers can create a Lambda function to get to an API endpoint, get the result, prepare the information, and save it to S3 or DynamoDB.

Amazon EMR

AWS Elastic Map Reduce(EMR) is one of the essential AWS services for creating vast data handling that attributes Big Data Technologies like Apache Hadoop, Apache Start, Hive, etc. Data engineers can utilize EMR to dispatch a transitory cluster to run any Start, Hive, or Flink assignment. It allows engineers to characterize conditions, set up cluster setup, and recognize the fundamental EC2 occasions.

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB provides an alternative to relational database systems by utilizing numerous data types, such as archive, chart, key-value, memory, and look. Data engineers can utilize it to store semi-structured data with an interesting key. To avoid race conditions, they can use DynamoDB to track the state of other services like Step Capacities.

Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is an intuitive query tool that is used to evaluate data in Amazon S3 using SQL. Once the metadata goes into the data catalog, data engineers can begin utilizing Athena to extract a few experiences from the data. When getting to GBs of data in Parquet arranged with solid segments, engineers ordinarily get the results in a matter of seconds.

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