Kyndi: Delivering Explainable Artificial Intelligence to Global Enterprises

September 10, 2018

Ryan WelshExplainable AI (XAI) or Transparent artificial intelligence (AI) is an extension of artificial intelligence whose actions can be easily understood by humans. XAI is an AI that is programmed to describe its purpose, rationale and decision-making process in a way that can be understood by an average person. XAI is often discussed in relation to deep learning and plays an important role in the FAT ML model (fairness, accountability and transparency in machine learning). This technology is essential to understand, appropriately trust, and effectively manage an emerging generation of artificially intelligent machine technologies. A company which is building the first Explainable AI™ platform for government, financial services, and healthcare industries is Kyndi™

Kyndi’s product exists because deep learning is a “black box” and cannot be used in regulated industries where organizations are required to explain the reason for any decision. The company believes that in order to realize the full potential of AI, a system must be able to justify its reasoning to the user. The ability to answer the question “why?” is critical for organizations looking to leverage AI solutions. Kyndi works with major entities across a broad spectrum of categories in the Federal Government sector, including Defence, Intelligence, finance, healthcare, IT, and infrastructure transforming regulated process for Government. The company serves both depository and investment institutions, providing advanced Explainable AI™ products and solutions that drive financial services innovations, including regulation compliance, Know Your Customer (KYC), and more as a part of its financial services offering and provides Explainable AI™ solutions to a broad range of healthcare organizations, for whom auditable results are essential for regulatory compliance to create knowledge faster for healthcare enterprises.


Mission to Lead the Knowledge Revolution

During the industrial revolution, automation and a more efficient workforce raised production to levels never before seen. Similarly, AI will make humans more productive, creative, and efficient. Kyndi™ aims to be at the forefront of the knowledge revolution. Incorporating advanced AI and breakthroughs in symbolic natural language understanding, its technology helps knowledge workers process vast amounts of information to pinpoint the information they really seek to make critical decisions.


A leader with a Vision

While working as a quantitative analyst, Kyndi™ Founder and CEO, Ryan Welsh realized that we do not read any faster than our parents or grandparents. The present generation is stockpiling more and more data and information, but its ability to process and analyze the same has not improved. This brought Ryan to the conclusion that by 2025 all knowledge workers will have an intelligent machine working alongside them. This led to the foundation of Kyndi™ to optimize human productivity and empower people to create knowledge faster.


Path Breaking Contribution to AI

Kyndi™ has fused together two paradigms of AI, statistical machine learning and symbolic logic, allowing clients to reap the benefits of machine learning without the “black box.” This enables organizations to transform regulated business processes with AI, and trust that a system can justify its reasoning.

Disruptive technologies represent a new way of capturing the world’s knowledge. In order to be effective though, these technologies must be accountable against five core principles as outlined by the MIT Technology Review; Responsibility, Explainability, Accuracy, Auditability and Fairness.


Leading the Way Through Innovation

The most innovative thing about Kyndi™ is its novel approach to AI, unifying probabilistic and logical methods. Explainability, which it views as a fundamental requirement for an AI system, is another aspect that sets the company’s solution apart. It allows the users to have confidence in a system’s outputs, makes them aware of any blind spots or bias, and gives them the ability to improve the system in the future. Kyndi’s patented AI technology, including Natural Language Processing, enables organizations to analyze massive amounts of data, significantly faster. Equally important innovation to knowledge revolution is being Kyndi’s technology which is auditable and explainable. That means that its AI systems can justify the reasoning behind their conclusions and results.

Kyndi™ partners with key System Integrators like Deloitte as well as Carahsoft, specifically in the Federal Government space.


Awards and Achievements

Kyndi™ was named to the 2018 CB Insights AI 100, a list of 100 of the most promising private companies applying AI algorithms across dozens of industries. The company was also chosen as a Red Herring North America Top 100 Winner, which recognizes the most exciting and innovative private technology companies in North America. Most recently, Kyndi™ was named one of the 2018 JMP Hot 100 privately held software companies, a list compiled by evaluating criteria such as financial growth, products and services, quality of leadership, customers, and market potential.

Kyndi™ has also garnered significant attention in the press, including a feature article published in the NY Times in June 2018.


Challenges Propelling Success

As a core AI Company, Kyndi™ recognizes that developing disruptive technologies is hard. AI companies require significant and specific scientific and technical capabilities. Therefore, identifying and recruiting the right people for the team is a critical requirement. Kyndi™ works closely with their prospects and customers to prioritize the best use cases to demonstrate the value of the technology.


Looking into the Future

Kyndi’s technology allows its users’ strategy and planning process to be dramatically better, as human analysts can now spend the majority of their time on qualitative research and can discover new knowledge. Strategy and planning use-cases include mitigating the risk of technology surprise, prioritizing R&D programs, improving ROI, and identifying potential investments and divestments. Kyndi™ is working to build the world’s greatest AI Company. By unlocking the value of knowledge trapped in texts and language, Kyndi™ is all set to provide its customers with a huge competitive edge. The company looks forward to being a part of the technological knowledge revolution by offering explainable AI solutions that make people and organizations 100X smarter and 100X faster and enabling enterprises and government agencies to transform regulated processes by offering proven, auditable AI systems.