Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Perfume?

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Artificial Intelligence in Perfume

One of the most significant benefits of AI for fragrance manufacturing is the ability to easily recommend alternative formulations.

For the fragrance industry, artificial intelligence and data-driven algorithms represent a new age that is being developed by machine learning.

For use by both customers and industry professionals, a range of top fragrance developers have built and introduced their own in-house AI platforms as well as digital reference directories. According to Perfumer Flavorist, “Givaudan created Carto, an AI scent creation tool which allows perfumers to develop their formulas with the help of Givaudan’s Odor Value Map; Eve, an AI inspired tool used to create products based on the requests and capabilities of the customer; and, also, opened a digital factory in Paris.” 

One of the most significant benefits of AI for fragrance manufacturing is the ability to easily recommend alternative ingredients or formulations. The fragrance industry is currently addressing many cultural forces, such as the development of natural or ‘clean’ fragrances that reduce the use of synthetic ingredients, as well as the effects of raw ingredients from natural calamities or deforestation/desertification.

There is also a first-ever AI-made fragrance, called Philyra, which was developed as a collaboration between IBM and Symrise, a major supplier of flavors and fragrances, available in Brazil.

Philyra is capable of learning about formulas, raw materials, historical performance data, market trends and is being produced by perfumer David Apel to create new fragrances for one of the world’s top beauty companies, the Brazilian cosmetics business called O Boticário.

Philyra uses a number of modern and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to recognize various trends and perfume combinations quickly by going through hundreds of different perfume formulas and raw materials. This then also allows it to design completely new fragrance formulas.

As AI can beat nothing in terms of data work, IBM researchers have used data-based methods to use the information on the formats, fragrance families, raw materials, and background data on fragrances and formulations that were previously designed. The algorithm for machine learning creates new variations of these equations that were customized to the demographic and character of the consumer.

The entire framework is focused on machine learning, and IBM & Symrise researchers aim to introduce AI perfume technology to the world. In addition, the device can also be used for other forms of applications, including the creation of flavors, cosmetics, and household goods, such as washing products and detergents.

In the production of new fragrances, it seems probable that solutions like Philyra will become standard instruments. Since Symrise will eventually have the competitive advantage of analyzing data and learning machinery, the business must increasingly employ knowledge and data capital. The company is unique in terms of creating proprietary software, with its large database of fragrances, which help it gain a competitive edge. The collaborative effort of data scientists and perfumers appears to be just a continuity of art and science which have produced fragrances since prehistoric times. While IBM’s collaboration has been used to draw publicity, AI technology will be used behind the curtain for generations to come to maintain the enchantment that embraces our preferred fragrances.

NINU, the world’s 1st SMART perfume (patent-pending), with an AI-driven app, is another recent example. It was inspired by Peter Florjančič, the greatest innovator in the history of perfume. NINU has also been named as a tribute to the first two recorded perfumers in the world.

In the traditional perfume industry, NINU is a fresh breeze. It respects the tradition and builds on a centuries-old legacy by leveraging the latest technological advances. It enables you to find your scent and play with it by integrating three distinct high-quality fragrances in a single high-tech interface. This is a simple and patent-pending invention that helps you to adapt your perfume to match all moods and occasions. Their goal is to give vibrance (and new dimensions) each day.

What makes NINU intelligent is an AI-guided application that delivers every drop of your precious perfume and an electronic micro precision extracting device. It embarks on a journey of perfume fusion led by Pierre, the AI perfume master. With only a few quick taps on your phone, he will take care of your every request. You’ve got total power over your fragrance. And he will tell you to restore it exactly when you start running out. You can still find something for yourself with over a million different fragrances to choose from. They believe that something special is created when beauty and technology fuse together.

Every year, the global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion packaging units, which means 12 billion tonnes of plastic by 2050, if the trend continues. It is also earth-friendly since it uses natural ink in packaging cartons, has a cartridge refill mechanism, and less packaging to minimize the use of plastic. Perfume bottles are made of recycled glass as well. NINU is on a quest to make the perfume industry more user-friendly and greener.


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