Hollywood Technology meets Machine Learning: noisy.ai promises to help improve AI systems

May 21, 2020

Sound Particles wants to help improve voice recognition with their 3D Audio technology, which is being used by all major Hollywood studios. The software company just released noisy.ai, a new service to help improve voice recognition and machine learning systems by exponentially increasing the size of existing audio datasets.

Their premise is quite clear: although voice recognition is relatively easy to achieve in “clean” environments, the reality is that the world is a noisy place and voice recognition needs to take that into account in order to improve the system’s accuracy. noisy.ai allows companies to take their existing voice/audio datasets, and exponentially increase their size in a much faster and easier way. By creating countless variations of environments and settings for each recording, noisy.ai  will improve AI training much more efficiently.

Nuno Fonseca, CEO of Sound Particles, confesses: “we never thought about using our technology for creation of voice datasets until we were approached by a big tech player, but it makes perfect sense”. By applying the same technology used in big blockbusters, noisy.ai can create innumerous unique variations for each original voice recording. “Our 3D audio engine, with its particle systems, is able to generate random unique variations, with a world-class sound quality. No two sounds will have the same background noise.”

For instance, companies that want to improve their voice recognition under noisy environments can get hundreds of output files for each original recording, either by choosing pre-defined environments or by specifying every single detail like SNR, microphone setups and/or positions, reverb types, EQs, foreground and background sounds, movements, different values of pitch/speed and much more.

About the company:

Sound Particles company creates 3D CGI-like audio software, which uses Computer Graphics techniques applied to sound. Their software is used by all major Hollywood studios, in productions such as Game of ThronesFrozen II and Star Wars 9.

noisy.ai introduction video: https://youtu.be/DnTTQK0MDgY

To access the media kit, go to: https://noisy.ai/media-kit.zip

Press contacts: Iolanda Santos | +351 244 859 465 | press@noisy.ai

Noisy.ai service: noisy.ai

Sound Particles company: www.soundparticles.com