IPsoft: A Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Tech Systems

IPsoft: A Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Tech Systems

September 10, 2018

Chetan DubeIPsoft is the world leader in Enterprise AI and the home of Amelia, the industry’s most-human digital AI colleague. Amelia’s ability to learn, interact and improve over time makes her the market’s only AI that can fully understand user needs and intentions. Amelia can be trained to recognize words and phrases in more than 100 languages. She delivers real-life business benefits including lower operating costs, higher customer satisfaction and increased employee productivity. When a company hires Amelia (or several Amelias) they’ll be able to design her to address a variety of company needs, roles, and verticals—all according to their specific business processes and procedures. She observes, learns, and remembers anything you ask. She can read emotions and context during conversations with colleagues and customers, on any communications channel. She can do the repetitive work of thousands while helping to improve the creativity and productivity of her human colleagues.

IPsoft was the first company to launch an end-to-end digital platform, 1Desk, to deliver shared enterprise services. By connecting front-office conversations to back-end systems, IPsoft automates business processes that serve employees, customers and citizens, resulting in rapid resolutions, satisfied users and substantial organizational savings.

IPsoft solutions such as Amelia Marketplace and 1Desk make it even easier for organizations to put Amelia to work. The Marketplace offers out of the box capabilities for Amelia across verticals such as banking, telecom, hospitality, insurance and healthcare, allowing Amelia to help perform tasks in a more efficient and affordable way. Marketplace provides faster and more immediate assistance to Amelia for customers, while eliminating minor, repetitive tasks from human employees, allowing them to focus on more complicated issues. Similarly, 1Desk helps companies scale their deployment of Amelia by connecting her cognitive abilities with internal systems to fully automate end to end processes in IT and HR. Both these products help integrate digital colleagues into the workforce to help employees focus on creative tasks that help accelerate innovation.


The Mission to Power Industries with Intelligent Systems

IPsoft’s mission is to power the world with intelligent systems, eliminate routine work and free human talent to focus on creating value through innovation.

Within a few years of its founding, IPsoft established a presence in India providing remote IT infrastructure managed services and shortly thereafter opened its first European outpost in London. As growth continued to accelerate, new offices followed. First in California then Amsterdam and beyond. In 2009 alone, IPsoft opened its Frankfurt, Austin, Chicago and Stockholm offices and expanded its New York and Bangalore offices. More recently, IPsoft entered the Asia-Pacific region, opening offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

In 2014, following 15 years of development, IPsoft launched Amelia, the first cognitive agent to interact like a human. Amelia opened a new chapter in IPsoft’s growth and placed IPsoft at the forefront of a technology-enabled revolution that promises to change how we live and work forever: the age of the Smart Machine.


Exemplary Leadership

Chetan Dube, IPsoft’s Founder and CEO, believed that the IT infrastructure and business operations of the future would be managed not by people but by expert systems. Twenty years ago, he left the world of academia, at New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, to pursue a career in business. He was haunted by the question; “If machines could think, what kind of world would that make possible for and what higher forms of creative expression would that allow for in humans?” Out of that idea, Amelia was born.


Pioneering Innovation and Disruption in Cognitive AI

IPsoft’s Amelia is constantly reinventing the user experience and defining the next generation of intelligent AI – when customers or employees interact with Amelia, they don’t feel they are interacting with something artificial due to her advanced empathetic abilities, capacity to switch context and channels, and intelligent response. Amelia is the only digital colleague on the market that offers all of these features with expert-level accuracy and emotional intelligence.

IPsoft has an industry expertise that has allowed 6 of top 10 global banks advance in cognitive AI. IPsoft serves more than 550 of the world’s leading brands directly, including more than half of the world’s largest IT services providers. To name a few, these brands including Allstate, Black Rock, SEB and Credit Suisse.


Delivering Intelligent Automation with Super Efficiency

“Every day we apply ourselves to transforming our clients’ IT and business operations for competitive advantage. Through a combination of our technology platforms and our services, IPsoft guarantees predictable business benefits through intelligent automation,” said Chetan.

Both Marketplace and 1Desk use automation to help reduce inefficiencies and free employees’ time and resources to focus their energy on more creative tasks to accelerate innovation. By using AI to handle repetitive tasks, employees are empowered to take on more creative work that adds overall business value and supports strategic goals.

“According to McKinsey, the impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40% and enable people to make more efficient use of their time. Executives are even more optimistic – 80% believe artificial intelligence improves worker performance and creates jobs, he mentioned”.


Recognitions for Driving Business Excellence

Today, Amelia is helping Credit Suisse serve 76,000 users in 40 countries, by augmenting human intelligence. Whilst at Allstate, Amelia has been trained on more than 50 unique insurance topics and regulations across 50 states in the US. Amelia is reducing the complexity for customer service representatives who handle over 250,000 monthly calls by giving them better and quicker access to information policies and procedures – blending human intelligence and problem-solving with technology, as she also constantly learns from her human co-workers.

In 2017, the customer-facing IPsoft Amelia implementation at SEB, leading corporate bank in the Nordics, was awarded with the Supernova Award by Constellation Research, highlighting the bank’s cutting-edge use of cognitive tech for internal and external services. In Amelia’s first three weeks, over 4,000 conversations were held with 700 employees, and she solved the majority of issues without delay. Amelia has also helped SEB avoid 544 hours of escalations to customer support with an average handle time of six minutes and an 80 to 85 percent accuracy in immediate recognition of user intent.


From Challenges to Value Creation

The IPsoft mission is to challenge the widespread idea that “robots” will take over our human jobs and make us unnecessary, but in fact, the employment of digital colleagues will actually create new jobs that involve new skill sets such as roles that focus on the creation, maintenance and performance improvement of virtual agents. For instance, top performing human agents might become escalation managers, working alongside virtual agents to ensure KPIs are aligned across the digital and human workforce and steering teams towards new goals on an ongoing basis.


The Future Ahead

Chetan said tomorrow’s success is not going to be dependent on “hard work” but rather “smart work”, and it will be reliant on transdisciplinary collaboration and the ability to incorporate advanced technologies in differentiated ways. This human-AI collaboration will allow humans to gain more technical skills, while simultaneously improving the sophistication and efficiency of digital agents. IPsoft enables that journey for any company of any size, across the world.