Exclusive Interview with Nitin Garg “The Game Changer of Mobile Gaming Industry”

Exclusive Interview with Nitin Garg “The Game Changer of Mobile Gaming Industry”

Mobile games are one of the fun activities that engage most smartphone users. Technological improvements have taken the mobile game trend to newer heights than traditional games. And this has opened a lot of scopes for enterprises. Converting a game development concept into reality is complex. You must know the mobile Gaming development process to build amazing games. It needs planning, designing, implementation, and distribution of the game on the targeted app store. BR Softech is an IT consulting and solution-providing organization for next-generation business collaborations throughout the world. With a comprehensive intelligence system across diverse industries and domains, we dedicatedly work on the client's project to turn them into some most successful and high-performance organizations. Sharpen edges through innovation and continuous learning, all these factors turn it into the most promising brand since 2010. Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview with Nitin Garg, BR Softech PVT. LTD.

Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization, and the services that your company offers.

As a leading mobile app and game development company, BR Softech offers top-notch IT consulting and solutions for a wide range of next-generation businesses. With a comprehensive intelligence system across diverse industries and domains, we dedicatedly work on the client's project to turn them into some of the most successful and high-performance organizations. The USP of BR Softech lies in its excellent model of project management that helps us to deliver the most complicated, advanced web and mobile app solutions. 

Our specialization lies in designing and developing cutting-edge mobile game apps, software solutions, and on-demand platforms for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms. We incorporate the latest technological trends and tools like metaverse, blockchain, and NFTs to create games that are of high value and hard to find. 

Established in 2012, BR Softech offers an extensive range of services such as IoT solutions, voice applications, ready-to-use applications, AI/ML solutions, reality development, metaverse development, cryptocurrency development, and game software and application development. 

With what mission and objectives, the company was set up? In short, tell us about your journey since the inception of the company.

As the early adapters to technological innovations and disruptions, we have made a great impact in the gaming industry by introducing cryptocurrency development services. We have embarked on a journey to transform the industry via Cryptocurrency exchange software, ICO platform development, Blockchain API development, Cryptocurrency token, Security token development, Smart Contracts Development, and Cryptocoin Creation.

Apart from cryptocurrency development, we have also revolutionized the gambling industry by making it much safer, reliable, credible, and more reliable. Our expert team of developers has helped an 'N' number of clients from across the world when it comes to game app & web software development. We have provided seamless API integrations, turnkey solutions, and white-label casino software that are highly scalable and appreciated by the global community of gamblers. 

How does the company's innovative approach help you to strengthen your presence in the existing market?

Our innovative approach and platforms have helped many gaming entrepreneurs, sportsbook owners, and companies including small, medium, and enterprise-level gaming companies. Our live casino software, API integrations, credible payment integrations, and applications have made gambling much safer, and more reliable. By providing multi-currency support, we ensure that all our platforms are accessed by people across the globe. 

We have always believed in innovation and ensure to implement the same by incorporating the latest technologies and tools in all our software solutions and platforms. We have worked with technologies like metaverse, NFTs, and IoT to create high-value on-demand and game applications. 

Kindly share your journey as the CEO of the top-notch IT company

As the CEO of the top-notch USA-based IT company BR Softech Pvt Ltd, I started my journey by analyzing the requirements of the current market for quality games or on-demand apps. Today, the apple or google play store is flooded with an extensive range of applications, but only a few of them are making a difference. In order to help business leaders and entrepreneurs get the best application or software solutions, BR Softech stepped in to take a lead and resolve the same by offering high-quality yet cost-effective development services. 

As a CEO, my job is to motivate and inspire the team of subject-matter experts to develop applications with engaging UX/UI and advanced tech stack. My main objective is to solve the problem of customers by providing customer-oriented applications. 

I believe the dedication and motivation my team and I have towards what we do is the reason why BR Softech was awarded WQC Award 2012, Raj. IT Company Award 2013, Top 5 Mobile App Development Company award, and Fast 50 Indian IT Growing company 2014 for excellent performance and Mobile application development. 

Tell us how you are contributing to the advancement of gaming technology in India. And how is the company benefiting from its technological infrastructure?

The company is helping global clients from different sectors and industries such as fashion, sports, banking, real estate, music industry, photography, etc. We have always focussed on customer centricity and satisfaction in order to meet their project needs and requirements. We exceeded the benchmark set by clients by offering cutting-edge solutions that were beyond their expectations. 

What makes BR Softech innovative? What are the key partnerships and involvements done to drive the innovation?

By incorporating the latest development strategies, market trends, and disruptive technologies, we have partnered with leading companies like the Bank of Baroda by helping them with seamless API integrations and software solutions that are highly profitable. Moreover, we have partnered and collaborated with leading enterprises like HCL, the Forest Department of Rajasthan, Euroweb, Indiabulls, ePsyClinic, etc. 

What are some of the challenges faced by the industry today? And where are we going from here?

Initially, it was difficult to adapt to new and emerging technologies like NFT, metaverse, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. But soon after the implementation, our developers ensure the seamless integration of these technologies in our development solutions. Moreover, in the initial phase when the tech integrations were very costly, it was very difficult to make a profit. These were the challenges faced by us during the early tech incorporations, but then we worked on the same and resolved them systematically over time. 

What are your growth plans and business roadmap for the next 12 months?

The company is planning to reach wider sections of the industry and expand its horizons with emerging technologies such as metaverse, blockchain, and NFT. As a leading mobile app and game development company, we have always believed in customer satisfaction and centricity. We aim to incorporate the latest market trends and technologies to keep up with the changing customer needs and expectations.

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